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    Hope I'm not stepping on toes with this new post - seems I've seen other Bakshi material here recently but am unable to locate the 'where'
    I just completed my first look at the new DVD version of LOTR (the 1st 1/2 of Lord of the Rings as done by the Bakshi folks: imho., basically reduced to a comic book adaptation: good (and not too clear) plot, then translated to the big movie screen with large orchestra score, grand atmospheric background art, serviceable animation, etc - for all us Tolkien fans.
    The transfer looked good to me. No great new-millennial sound (but still very good), no anomorphic video, just remaining an entertaining couple-of-hours for some of us animation fans who just can't seem to get enough of Middle Earth.
    I remember seeing it originally on the theatre screen when it made it's initial run and tho' it was not received with glowing notice then either, it was still fun for some of us and I'm glad to see that the old VHS (only version) previously available has been eclipsed by the new DVD version.
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    Feb 29, 2000
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    ---basically reduced to a comic book adaptation:---
    Not to take anything away from this movie (I picked up a copy) but frankly I have seen comic books that are better written and staged than this movie was.
    Edited out what sounded like a rant.
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