Bad subwoofer performance/Alot of air is trying to come out /thumps? PLEASE ADVISE...

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by stifa, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Apr 14, 2004
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    Hi , I bought a multimedia speaker set for my PC, and the subwoofer performs quite bad. It delivers some sort of wOOOOMMMM sound like there is too much air trying to come out sor something..., it also doesnt go so low in Freq.

    Before trying this with a real 2000$ Theater system when I get money like you lucky people I would like to Practice and make a better sound by modifying this low-end sub.

    System is of Creative, and Subwoofer driver is "Cambridge soundworks" 30watt. I was thinking of applying damping material inside(there is none) ,OR building a new chasis for it to eliminate that "too much air" sound, possibly with a new port tube??.

    IF tere are any other ways to MAKE SOUND BETTER AND TO LOWER THE FREQUENCY RESPONSE OF THE SUB, or if you know what should I do PLEASE SAY MAN!!!!
    Also If you know/have any chematics of building the same based on experience PLEASE SAY MAN!!!
    MARKO [​IMG])
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    That's the amplifier clipping. It only happens on bad subwoofers, like the kind you get with the multimedia set. Creative Multimedia designs tarnish the Cambridge Soundworks reputation for value.

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