Bad Movie = SE DVD ?!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Roland G, Sep 20, 2001.

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    Could somebody explain to me why every bad movie gets a full blown SE and some classics are bare bones releases apart from marketing reasons ?
    I love my SE's of Fight Club, Akira, Requiem for a Dream, Pi, aso.
    but there are tons of (modern) classics which were released bare bones.
    Special Features take us behind the scenes of a movie and are obviously for people who are really interessted in movies. For me movies are art and not everybody can "read" film, so why not give more interesting films like
    Bringing out the Dead
    City of Lost Children
    El Topo
    O Brother Where are you
    Lost Highway
    interesting Se's
    I understand that some directors don`t like to show you exactly how things were done and i can accept that..but how about approching some films in a different way..kinda more like literature.
    I don`T judge Se's in terms of how many hours of extra materials do i get...i judge them on the quality of those extras and as some of you noticed..SEs are getting more more boring in my opinion.So I hope that studios will produce more fastidiously SE's of fastidiously movies in the future. I don``t care if they give me 2 hours about the making of a certain special effects or a good essay about the movie..the quality is what counts
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    "build it, and they will come"
    A look at Ron's DRIVEN thread should answer your question. While there is very little interest in the film, there is tremendous interest in the DVD due to its high quality and features.
    The studios know that adding these features will sell DVD's no matter how bad the film is, so its just a way maximizing the revenue. Many of these so-called "bad films" are very high profile and the creation of an SE does seem to spice up the sales.

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