Bad geometry a result of inadequate power supply?

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    Just recently, I noticed on my Toshiba 50h81 the left grey bar when watching 4x3 material (I normally use wide 1 for TV, but was switching between modes when I noticed this) bends outward at the bottom. The right bar is fine. It was not always like this, just a few weeks ago, the gemometry on the sides was dead on. I have not checked the screen with the Avia disc to check geometry against the patterns recently (it is loaned to a friend at the moment)

    I'm aware that if this is a case of the geometry drifting, it can be adjusted by either 56-point or when the set is ISFd. (The set is only 6 weeks old so. I plan to have the set ISFd later this year, but am too nervous to attempt a 56-point on my own at this time. I have used the manual 9 point to touch up convergence drift as the set breaks in.)

    But in Avia's white balance section, I remember it talks about the two bottom vertical lines bending is a result of an inadequate power supply.

    This could be the culprit because it has been 92+ humidity in the suburban Philadelphia area this past week and there could be a strain on local power due to air conditioners on max. This would explain why it was fine for the first 5 weeks and only recently display the outward bow at the bottom left.

    If inadequate power supply is the there a solution?

    Thanks for any advice or help.
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    It's just a geometry issue that can be fixed in the service convergence screen. If you hunt around the 'net, you'll find plenty of info about getting in there and fixing it yourself. I'm sure you could also get this 'fixed' by calling for warranty service, or you could just live with it until you get the set calibrated.
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