Bad experience with Blockbuster - update - not so bad anymore

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    Hi folks,
    Several months ago (April to be exact) I posted a pretty scathing message about an experience I had in a Blockbuster store. It was read by many folks here at HTF.
    A BRIEF recap of that event:
    After picking up a DVD to rent, I stopped and checked out a magazine for a few minutes. A clerk yelled at me across the store and basically said buy it or get out. I got out and never went back.
    I filled in a complaint on the Blockbuster website when I got home. I received email tellimg me a customer service rep would contact me, part of which states:
    "Thank you for your e-mail. We take your questions and comments as a welcome
    show of interest and loyalty. Customer feedback is very important to us and we
    are glad you took the time to write.
    Your situation has been forwarded to a Field Representative for resolution.
    Please allow 7 business days for the Field Representative to address your
    concerns and contact you. Your reference number is xxxxxx.
    Thank you for letting us know how we can better serve your entertainment needs.
    We take your comments very seriously and welcome them, as a valuable tool needed
    to improve the quality of our service. We hope you will give us another
    opportunity to serve your entertainment needs. If you need further assistance,
    please contact your local Blockbuster store. Our employees are empowered,
    authorized, and expected to take care of customers."
    I never heard another thing from them.
    Fast forward two and a half months...
    This past Tuesday, July 3, I received a call from Blockbuster! The guy's name was Jeff and he told me he received a fax about some email I had sent in. He said he couldn't read the fax, just my name and number.
    We discussed the situation and I told him that the statements that my feedback was important didn't seem sincere in light of the fact I had never received any other response and the time it took for anyone to contact me.
    However, I did tell him that I was extremely surprised that I received a call and the fact that I DID get a call told me they were trying to work on customer service.
    He asked what he could do to get me back as a customer. I told him to make me an offer. [​IMG]
    He said he could give me a $10 credit on my account. He also suggested another Blockbuster store nearby where I 'could be more comfortable'. He also gave me his phone number in case I had any problems and told me to contact him directly.
    It is nice to see this large monolithic company actually trying to do something about my bad experience.
    I will probably go back to Blockbuster. They do have some of the best DVD selections for rent out there.
    I guess time does heal all wounds. Except for Circuit City and DIVX, but we won't go down that road. [​IMG]
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    I'm glad for your improved experience. But the deal I would have asked from Blockbuster in order to go back there again would be, please, stop banning NC-17 movies rentals!
    (Their policy which affects mainstream & art films, not porn, leads to studio censorship to achieve R ratings, such as the infamous CGI "people" obscuring Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut orgy scene.)
    • May you be happy and well!

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