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Back to the Future Part 3 Question

Discussion in 'Movies' started by DAN NEIR, Apr 10, 2003.


    DAN NEIR Guest

    I was just wondering why rather then going thru all the trouble they go thru to find a way to get the car to 88mph, why don't they either fix the holes in the gas tank and use the gas from the car doc buried or even switch the 2 cars. Just like doc left Marty a note telling him that he was in 1885, he could have sent a second not saying something like p.s. Marty when you find the car fill up the tank or fix the holes in the gas tank before you try to use it. The second note could have also said that the damage was done when Marty came to 1885 and that Marty's reason for coming after Doc(the headstone that Marty sees while digging the car up) would soon be made clear to him.
    Now I know these pictures are not suppose to be taken seriously and if they did it my way then there is no need for a 3rd movie but still just for fun, don't you think this way would have been easier?
  2. Chad R

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    Chad Rouch
    There was a large tthread on all of these questions from the whole trilogy, not to mention there's a FAQ on the DVDs which gives the filmmakers answers to the questions.

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