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Babylon 5 sales - How's it doing? (1 Viewer)

Frank Anderson

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Jun 7, 1999
Has any heard how the disc is selling? And/or if Warner has made any comments on future release of the rest of the series?

Daniel L

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Oct 8, 1999
I've been trying to find out this info, and the only thing I have to work with it the Video Scan numbers posted for the week of 12/9/01.

I don't nkow where it finished, but considering it only borke into the top 25 at one store, DVD Empire I believe, it safe to say it didn't come close to the top 25 (top 50?) in sales it's first week.

Daniel L

Joseph DeMartino

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Jun 30, 1997
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Joseph DeMartino
Obviously the studios don't release this kind of information (unless a new title has just broken a previously announced record.) Even the "top 10" lists don't include actualy sales totals, just relative position.
I seriously doubt that anyone at WHV was expecting the B5 disc to make it into the Top 25 on anybody's list. The disc contains two TV movies from an obscure TV series and they have done zero promotion for it. Their yardstick seems to be VHS sales - which sucked badly enough in the end that they cancelled the release. (They didn't do much to promote them, either, as I recall.) So I don't think the bar is set too terribly high. What they need is to see enough of an audience to make releasing the show profitable. With the upcoming Rangers telefilm and possible series on the way, B5 could potentially be a steady seller for them. But as far as I know, no one has leaked any information about how the sales are going, or whether or not any decision has been made.
I do, however, direct your attention to two posts from JMS:
Actually, I checked with WB, and they say they've finished conforming all but 3 season 1 eps for DVD, and are still intending to go ahead. - jms (usenet 10/16/2001)
... due to the response to the movie B5 DVDs it's my understanding that WB is almost there on deciding to release the first few seasons. - jms (usenet 12/04/2001)
Since 12/4 was the date the DVDs officially hit the street, WHV could only have been reacting to strong pre-order numbers in looking more favorably on a release of the episodes at that point. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

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