B4 drywall – what did I miss?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by TomKaz, Feb 24, 2005.

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    This is a long post but I would appreciate your help. I am in the midst of a new home theater installation in a “great room” adjacent to our kitchen. I have pulled wire and I am getting ready for termination. Drywall will likely go up in a week or two. Before I close things up, I want to ask you all to tell me if I have missed anything. I would much prefer to catch it now than afterward.

    Great room (16’x30’) is adjacent to our kitchen as well as a casual dining room (large open space). The primary viewing location looks dead ahead at the wall where an RPTV and PCs will reside, windows to the left, open air to the kitchen on the right and a partial wall and opening to the casual dining room behind. This installation will not be a reference theater given the compromises, both acoustic and otherwise, that come with the space. Wife approval factor is key as well.

    General setup:
    Main wall is 16’ wide and we are installing a full width, built-out entertainment center that will house everything (don’t groan, WAF). Imagine the cabinetry divided into five “columns” of different widths. Columns:
    Two outside – computer workstations
    Left inner – AV equipment with a laser printer below.
    Right inner - storage for DVDs w/ photo printer below.
    Center – bottom will house subwoofer with storage draw above. Top will have shelf that will hold three main speakers. Centered will be 61” RPTV.
    Additional audio – Surround speakers are in-ceiling above and slightly behind main seating area.
    Kitchen counter – pull up bench seating area will have an LCD TV since RPTV is not visible from kitchen.
    Distributed audio – The house is wired and speakered for central audio though the original owner never hooked it up. A closet adjacent to the kitchen includes speaker cabling and control cabling. Right now I have my 25 year old Pioneer SX650 driving six speakers.
    Access - The main wall where I am doing the wiring is located above a open-ceiling basement hallway so I have easy access to run wiring, etc.

    Yamaha Rx-V2500 receiver
    DVD (tbd)
    Samsung 61” DLP RPTV (thinking 68 series)
    HD cable tuner with HD DVR built in
    CD changer
    Media hub (?)
    LCR speakers are three BagEnd MM-8H
    BagEnd INFRA-12 sub
    Three Atlantic Technology ICTS-6.3 as in-ceiling surrounds
    Two in-wall BagEnd MM-6.5s as Presences speakers (Yam 2500 DSP feature)
    In-wall wiring done with Ultralink CL-414
    Kitchen TV will be a 15-20” LCD on a pedestal hooked directly to cable line

    What I’ve done thus far:
    Torn down sheetrock & insulation from wall
    Installed three dedicated electric circuits back to breaker box
    Set up one shared circuit for printers and non-critical equipment
    Installed low voltage gang boxes for each PC, each printer and an eight-gang box for all the AV & info lines for the AVR.
    I have also added two 1" diameter flexible conduits for the main PC and the 8-gang box for future needs.

    AV & network wiring already done:
    My basement utility room is the connection with all the coax and cat5 connection originating there. In addition to cable signal distribution, the home network router and switch are there and connected through a 24-port patch panel. Wireless access point is in upstairs closet. FM/AM antennas in attic will also run to basement before distribution. Actual connections currently run between main wall and utility room distribution:

    Six coax lines (three cable, one OTA HD signal, one each AM & FM)
    Eight cat5 – one for each printer, two for AVR/Tivo/HD DVR, two for each PC
    Three cat3 – one for each PC (fax modem) and one for Tivo dial out
    S-Video & audio between main PC and AVR connection plate
    5-line BNC cable (thanks Kurt of Blue Jean Cables) run between AVR plate and box for LCD TV in kitchen (Yam 2500 Zone 2)
    One 4-conductor speaker cable between AVR plate and central audio
    One electric wall box switch to control power to sub woofer in cabinet.
    One switched outlet for use with above cabinet lighting if needed.

    If I could have figured it out, I would have attached photos of the wall before the work, two shots of the gang boxes and a look at the cable carrying rail that I built.

    That’s it and if you have read this far you have my thanks. More importantly, what did I miss? I have no IR repeaters but can’t figure out why I need them. The Yam 2500 zone 2 is going to output to the kitchen LCD and won’t require remote control. What else? Thanks again.
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    If you can, put conduit between you entertainment center and the utility room. Big empty conduit. Not sure if that's what you meant:

    "I have also added two 1" diameter flexible conduits for the main PC and the 8-gang box for future needs."
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    Yes, the conduit is about 1.5" OD. Not big enough to run a DVI plug through but enough to run a dozen cat5 or half dozen coax.

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