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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by ChipD, Dec 19, 2003.

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    I recently demoed some B&W speakers and loved what I heard. I've also listened to Infinity, Paradigm, Definitive, Klipsh, and Kef speakers. I think I've made my decision on the B&W speakers (although I may give Paradigm another listen), and would like thoughts on my questions below.

    Here are the speakers I am thinking about purchasing:

    dm 603 s3 (2) - front
    lcr600 s3 (1) - center
    dm600s3 (2) - rear
    asw600 (1) - sub

    cost: $2150 + tax

    First of all, does $2150 seem like a reasonable price for these speakers? Retail comes to $2350, but I'm not sure what a "good" price would be. $2150 is about the limit of what I want to spend.

    What do you think of the asw600 sub? It sounded good to me in the store, but I haven't compared it to any other options.

    In the store I listened to these speakers with an Arcam 100-120 watt receiver. However, I was planning on purchasing the Yamaha rx-v1400 receiver (they don't carry Yamaha in the B&W store). Will Yamaha matched with B&W still sound okay? I used the Yamaha receiver when listening to Infinity speakers and liked the sound.

    Any other thoughts/pointers before I make the plunge? What about wires? Any suggestions?


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    Chip, to discuss specific speaker models please post here in Speakers/Subwoofers. The Basics area is strictly for general discussion at the beginner's level. Thanks.

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