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B&W N804, Paradigm Ref. 100v3, Def. Tech BP7001SC Which ones? (1 Viewer)

Ted Pugh

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 13, 2003
I am interested in these three lines. Mainly the N804 fronts, The HTM1 Center, N805 for surrounds and back channels. Total Retail eventhough I can pick up for less is $9500. The Paradigm's are the v3 100's, The 470 Center I believe, the Ref. ADP for surrounds and the Ref. 20's for backs. The price for these run around $5000 or so. The Definitive Tech speakers are the BP7001, the C/L/R 3000, the BPVX for surrounds and backs. The price for these are $6500. I currently have the Def. Tech BP2002 TL's and the 2300 center with the BP1.2 (I believe for surrounds). I am interested in better mids and highs than I am currently getting with my speakers. I like the sound but they sound a little laid back in the high end. Not quite crisp enough for my taste. Which of these line will work for me, the benefits, are they worth the money, any other brands I should look at in this price range? Thanks for your help.


Mark C.

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May 21, 1999
Gee, Ted, this is certainly an easy question--NOT.
Buying speakers is all about personal taste. In the final analysis, you buy what you like, not what others say you should buy.
A few questions:

Are you looking for an exclusively home theater setup, or are you also planning to use the system for music?
What kind of electronics do you have for powering the speakers?

In your price range, I would definitely include the speakers you have mentioned, but would also recommend you listen to (figuring you want floorstanders for mains) Dynaudio, Vienna Acoustics and Aerial Acoustics to name a few.


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May 6, 2003
Mark is right, speaker buying is a very subjective thing. One man’s crisp, is another man’s too bright. Speakers do tend to earn reputations though, and of the brands you are looking at, I have auditioned both B&W and Def Tech. While the B&Ws have a reputation for being slightly laid back, with music, I found them brighter than I like. This could have been the electronics; the store was running them with a Pioneer Elite receiver. The DefTechs seem to have a reputation for being more forward, and that’s how I found them on the high end. I found them lacking in the mids. though.

So given my listening experience vs. popular reputation, and vs. your own description of your Def Tech’s, you see that in the end, you have to trust your own ears. Adding my opinion to your list, I’d say check out the Energy Veritas line and whatever Totem speakers are in your price range. I’m a sucker for Canadian speakers. Good luck.

Ben Stern

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Apr 10, 2003
Ted: Let me be redundent and also say: AUDITION, AUDITION, AUDITION. When I got back into this home theater/hi-fi thing, after being away for a few years, that's what I did. Take some CD's that you're very familiar with. Take your time with the process and enjoy.

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