B&W N-805's and crossover question

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    I own nautlis 805's as main speakers and a Denon avr-4800. The mains are being driven by a Rotel 1080 amp (200 watts).
    Recently, I noticed that 2 channel music just didn't sound that great with my subwoofer on. I didn't like how it sounded when my mains were set to large or small. With the subwoofer off, it sounded to be missing the low end bass. I tried using the line level inputs on the sub and the crossed the sub over at about 60hz and set the speaker setting on the reciever to large. Now stereo music sounded great, but watching movies didn't sound as good. What gives??? I'm just confused. Can anyone suggest how I can get maximum stereo performance and home theater sound. I hate this bass management stuff. THANKS
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    Do you mean when watching movies you don't get as much bass impact? If so, it may be your receiver doesn't downmix the LFE channel into the L/Rs in the Large setting, or it drops the level to be safe & prevent people from inadvertantly blowing their speakers. Look in the speaker config to see if all bass is routed to the mains or not...

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