B&W CDM-CNT as L/C/R a good idea?

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    I have the CDM-Cse and it's a great center. I would like to upgrade to the CDM-NT for a new HT room that will be used primarily for cinema.
    Considering the CDM-NT center and CDM1 bookshelf differ in bass extension (50Hz vs 60Hz) and sensitivity(91dB vs 88dB), I am thinking to use 3 center versions across the front (as long as they fit!). I found the CDMse center to be a bit better with producing vocals and overall having an improved tonal balance over the CDM1 in the past. I haven't really done much listening with the new CDM1-NT but considering the specs are very similar to the old SE series I suspect not much has changed.
    So the big question is: Is there anything specifically bad with using the center for Left/Right mains?
    Of course I'd love to get the CDM9's (and must resist the temptation!) but I don't think 2X the price of a pair of CDM-CNT is justified primarily for cinema use.
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    The bass extension shouldn't be considered as any of these choices should be run in "small" with a high quality sub like SVS or velodyne. For absolute identical imaging across the front, 3 CNT's would no doubt be the best. The mid-range/tweeter are identical though, so using the 1NT's should (and is in my setup) a very close timbre match.
    Would you want 3 of these across the front of your home theater? I would definitely consider it for a front projection system where you could set them all up at the same height on stands just below the screen edge, but for a RP or regular tv the 1NT/7NT/9NT are generally more appealing.
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