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B&W ASW 650 vs RAVA or other sealed sub (1 Viewer)


Apr 3, 2003
I live in a loft-condo and my listening room measures 15x20 with 12 ft. high ceilings. The loft is very open, leading to many open rooms and a hallway.

Due to placement constraints (has to be near a corner or wall) and the fact that I have neighbours, I've decided on a sealed design vs. a ported one. My music/HT demands are 60/40 - accuracy is required but getting near 20Hz would be nice.

I'd get an SVS 25-31 or a HSU VTF-2 in 2 seconds, but living in the Great White North means more than having to endure cold winters - there is a nasty 1.5 exchange rate and 15% taxes to deal with (and brokerage shipping)!

So.....my choices are:

1. Adire's Rava ($765 CAD all-in...there is a CAD dealer)
2. B&W ASW650 ($850 + 15% tax = $920 CAD all-in)
3. Mirage OM200 ($1K + CAD...nice, but too much $$$)

I am afraid the Rava won't go low enough, even though it seems identical to the B&W in size, 12" driver, etc. The B&W seems to be the whole package: -6dB @ 20Hz. Am I missing and similar designed subs? Any thoughts?

PS. Sure, the Paradigm PW2200 seems obvious living in Toronto, but it is just too big (and has a giant port in the back). The Servo-15 is too much $$$!


Brian Bunge

Senior HTF Member
Sep 11, 2000
Knowing the driver and amp used in the Rava, I'd take it in a heartbeat over the others mentioned. I've seen some high dollar subs that didn't have parts even remotely clost to this for more money. Also, the Rava is rated at 3dB down at 27Hz so I'd expect it to reach into the low 20's without much trouble. The only real issue is that you have a pretty big room.

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