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    Doug Miller
    Something that came up from someone in Ron's post about the Mits vs. Toshiba was that a person had hit Sears and a few other retailers and checked out the HD demo they had going. After watching the demo, they noticed that the Mits. or the Hitatch (brand is really irrelevant) didn't look all that great.
    I always recommend that you check out a true HD demo. Hey, Sears is fine (since I work there). But, I just want to remind everybody that during an average work week I will have to go by and tweak most of the sets about 3-4 times. Anytime you have a thousand hands going through and "messing" with your stuff, things are bound to get out of convergence. I can't count the number of times in a day that I'll go by and have to reset inputs, or turn TVs back on and get it back to the demo, because a customer changes it and doesn't know how to fix it.
    It may sound a little like I'm bitching here, but I'm not. I want people messing with "my stuff", it means their interested. The thing I just want to recommend is that if the TV doesn't look right with the HD demo, chances are that it's not set properly, and that it's not because the TV isn't a good model or a good brand. (You might be surprised to find out that it's superior!)
    If it doesn't look right, talk to the sales person. This gives him/her a chance to see that the demo looks like crap and to fix it. At the same time, it gives you a chance to see how easy it is to converge. Now, at the same time, if the sales person looks at you like he doesn't know what you're talking about, maybe it's time to go to a different store.
    On that note, I'll just remind everybody that Sears TVs have 0% financing for a year next Saturday the 27th. Come watch our college football demo sponsored by Samsung each Saturday. Most West Coast stores should have the demo on at 12:30, I know we do. (If only my Washington State Cougars were on! 7-0, baby!)
    Sorry for the plug [​IMG]
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    Actually the best HD demo I saw was at a Sears store in Clovis California. Unfortunately the Mits set was in separate section out of reach of the HD feed. It and the 2 others I looked at were running dvds, and not looking good. All 3 had the same picture problems, so unless the same shopper had screwed up all 3 sets in 3 separate stores in the same way, it wasn't a result of customer misadjustment. To be fair, the Mits floor models may have been a lot older than the Tosh, Hitachi, and Sonys as the latter 3 were more recently released models.
    I bought the model that looked among the 2 best in store demos, and was unsatisfied with it's performance in my home. I swapped for one that was one of the 2 worst in store demos (not a Mitsubishi), and love it. I am now well aware that reviews here and at Home Theater Spot are more reliable than store demos.
    Steve S.
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