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    Someone (not me) posted this on the XBox newsgroup, thought you guys might like to see it:

    Picked up Azurik today, I figured I would be the guinea pig since I have heard *nothing* good or bad about this game in the last 4 months. It has gotten 0 press, so I figured I'd take the dive. Here are my results after

    about 3 hours.

    Graphics- They are good. A few people have said they didn't look good, they are playing a different game than me. They are not Halo good, but they are good. They are far superior to anything I have seen on my PS2 or N64 todate. I will say that I'm running HDTV so I'm sure the 480p mode is helping, but they are pretty slick, the worlds look nice. Good animation in the world and for fighting, and nice particle/spell effects. No complaints

    here. The reflective surfaces in the ice world look particularly cool.

    Sounds- Excellent. They have made good use of the reverb effects, etc. With a Dolby 5.1 output they are very nice but then I haven't run across an X-Box game yet that didn't sound good so I'm assuming its the hardware and

    not the game itself producing the wonderful sound. The vibrations are a bit weak so far from the controller compared to Halo but they are there and serviceable.

    AI/Enemies: Dumb as a rock. Monsters stand still until you enter a certain radius then they "wake up" and fight, typical stupid AI. They don't use any really advanced tactics its the standard beat the crap out of everything in

    your path basically.

    Gameplay: This is not an RPG. Let me say it again, this isn't an RPG. This also isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you have played any of the Soul Reaver games, The most recent Zelda series (Ocarina, etc), or even Tomb

    Raider, you have played this game. It has no annoying block puzzles, but its the basic go here, find gizmo x that will help you get passed area y, and then you gain power Z for doing it. It really reminds me of a cross

    between Soul Reaver and Zelda. There is alot of fighting which I like, but you pick up gems along the way Zelda style for powerups, etc. and you must complete the puzzles of each world to progress to the next, etc. Like I

    said, standard action/adventure/RPG hybrid. You can upgrade your staff and

    get new powers for it some of which seem to be rather quite impressive later on, and you can also upgrade your own character with special abilities too.

    Also it has typical "Save point" systems which is fairly consistent with most console games. PC gamers will be bitching of course, but for consolers this is standard.

    Overall: Not revolutionary, but not bad either. If you know what to expect you will be happy, if you are expecting some heavy RPG or pure action game

    you will hate it. It is a mix of all three really. It is still holding my attention and the graphics vary from ok to excellent in different areas.

    Hope this was helpful to some people as like I said, besides myself right now, I have heard virtually no reviews or word about this game.
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    Thank you Jay!

    I have been waiting to hear some things about this game. I love the Soul Reaver series so this may be right up my alley. I might rent before I buy but again thanks for your timely review.

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