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Axiom speakers

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Rick Radford, Oct 5, 2001.

  1. Rick Radford

    Rick Radford Supporting Actor

    May 12, 2001
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    Due to events at work, I ended up cutting my speaker purchase budget by half. (which may have been a good thing as it drove me to try to find the best sound/price (value) in speakers with tower mains.)
    I had been strongly looking at Paradigm Studio 60/20/cc. I searched for PSB, but could not find any local dealers. I listened to Monitor Audio Gold and Silvers. I also listened to Klipsch RF3, Deftech 2006 and BP8, KEF, Phase Technology, etc.
    It would be interesting to compare the Axioms to something like the HTD Level 3 towers/mains/center, although the Axioms are a little higher pricewise. Another internet speaker I'd like to hear are the Swan Divas, but the combo I was interested in (5.1/2.1/c3) cost more than my entire 5.1 setup (including SVS).
    I was able to bring in some Paradigm Studio 40 and NHT 2.5 on separate occasions for a trial before I found Axiom. I liked the sound of both. However, I prefer tower mains.. and my wife didn't like the modern design of the NHT.
    Recalling the sound of those trial speakers is tough as I try to compare the Axioms with those earlier listening experiences. I'd really like to get those Studio 40s back in for an A/B test with the Axioms. Then I'd really be comfy with an accurate comparison to speakers that are well regarded.
    I think the M60s sound really good in full range. The bass is strong. Strong enough that at higher volume levels (-10 to -15dB or so), the sub is not needed. (I calibrated with Avia at 75 dB / master volume control set at -10 dB.. thus reference would be at MV = 0).
    I typically run the system with the 5.0 speakers set to small for HT. For music, I use direct mode quite a bit (mains only.. no sub). I also enjoy (more than I thought I would) the all stereo mode.
    With the trial speakers, I had no cc or surrounds.. so I have no experience with which to compare the VP100 or M3Ti as surrounds. I used the M3s for mains for a week or so while I waited on the M60s to arrive. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and fullness of these little bookshelf speakers. With the sub, I thought they did a great job as mains.
    I have the VP100 on top of the TV (48" to the top of the TV) and the M3s are on 26" stands.
    Overall, I find this combo to do a great job. HT is enveloping. Music sounds great. I wish I knew appropriate terminology to give a better report.
    I know I don't have the experience or expertise to offer a professional review, but I hope my experience is helpful for anyone considering internet speaker options.
    I welcome any input as to how to better evaluate any part of my HT. [​IMG]
  2. John Gates

    John Gates Second Unit

    Jun 18, 2001
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    Very good review! I've actually been very eager to hear some of Axiom's offerings, so it's nice to see your comments.
    Say, if you're ever in the Richmond, VA area, bring a pair of your speakers up here and we can do a fun a/b with my nOrh speakers. I've heard the Axioms are very, very good, and I'd love to have some first-hand exp with them so I can recommend them to interested folks.
  3. Ron Reda

    Ron Reda Cinematographer

    Jul 27, 2001
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    Spoken like a true expert (not that I am one by ANY stretch of the imagination!).
    I'd be really curious to hear the M60s vs. my M50s given that they have the midrange driver.
    My fiance and I went house-hunting this weekend and found a place we loved that has a good size bonus room (AKA temporary HT room) and a full sized basement (permanent HT 2-3 years down the road). Therefore, I may look to the M60s (or dare I say the M80s) in the not-too-distant future.
    I'm glad the M60s worked out for ya!

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