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    Hi Folks,

    I am in the process of upgrading my traditional stereo setup to a multi-channel surround system for both movies and music listening, and seriously considering the Axiom speakers for this purpose.

    My current plan is to keep my venerable Hales Audio "System Two" floor-standing speakers (which I am very happy with) as the L/R mains, and add a center /surrounds / sub to construct a mixed-brand 5.1 setup. My total budget for the center / surrounds / sub is up to $2,000 at this time. I understand that a mixed-brand surround setup can be problematic, but I feel that it is the best compromise at this time considering my budget. So, here are a couple of questions for you guys...

    1) I understand that Axiom offers a nice 30-day in-house trial policy, but still wish to audition them beforehand if at all possible. Is there any Axiom owner in the Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX area (or within 2 hours drive from Dallas) who is willing to let me audition his/her proud speakers?

    2) From what I have read, my impression is that Axioms could make a good tonal match with my Hales speakers, which had been characterized in professional reviews as having an accurate, detailed and transparent sounds as well as a very sharp imaging. They were found to have a very flat measured frequency responses both on- and off-axis. Any opinions on Axioms in these regards? Or, do you guys have specific recommendations on other brands within my budget?

    3) As for the music use, I mainly (but certainly not exclusively) listen to classical music, including orchestral, chamber and vocal genres. Would any of you give me some personal assessments of the Axioms for listening to classical music? How do they behave on classical music either in a 2-ch stereo setup or in a matrix multi-channel system such as DPL II? Any positive or negative comments are welcome.

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Earlier this evening, I was on the Axiom forum and came across a new thread discussing classical music. The thread discusses listening to classical music in general as well as multi-channel (DPL II) classical listening. It should prove to be very informative.

    The surrounds shouldn't present much problem. Axiom makes incredible surrounds(QS4 & QS8). I personally feel they are well suited for mixing/matching into existing systems due to their quadpolar design....and some might agree. But whatever the reason......many people have done it with great success.

    Mixing an Axiom center with your mains........only your ears will be able to discern a good match. Thank goodness for 30 day trials.

    I have a Paradigm sub and would not be able to comment on Axiom subs other than what I have read on the Axiom forum. Many describe them as very musical with tight bass. Some find them lacking for home theater 'punch'.

    I hope this information has been helpful.

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