Axiom Loudspeakers:could you guys count the ways for me?

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  1. Kelly Scott Rickards

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    Jan 26, 2000
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    I do not know much about these speakers and I was wondering if you guys/gals could:
    List the pros/cons
    Tell me how they compare to the PSB Image series (2B bookshelves)
    Tell me how they compare to Rocket speakers (750 floorstanders)
    Logically, I would prefer accounts of the PSB 1Bs or 2Bs to the lower-end bookshelf Axioms(M22s) and the Rocket 750 to the top-of the line Axiom Floorstanding model(Millennia M80Ti )
    Passionate and detailed testimonial are welcome [​IMG]
    Thank you
  2. David Head

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    Jul 5, 1999
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    You can read my review of my new Axiom speakers here. I have the M60ti, VP150 and QS8 combo paired with an SVS 20-39PCi. I sounds fantastic! I previously owned PSB speakers (3LR/8C/1B) and recently was part of a group from Home Theater Talk that reviewed the Rocket speakers you are asking about.
    I would say that the midrange on the Axioms is more precise and the base is much better on the M60s than on the PSB 4Ts that I auditioned when I bought the 3LRs. The Axiom QS8 are simply the best surround speakers that I've ever heard.
    Let me know if you like more details than I provided in the links.

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