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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Tom Boz, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Tom Boz

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    Dec 1, 2003
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    I'm looking for some speakers for my rx-v1400 and my budget is $2000CDN. I'm considering

    Axiom:Epic Grand Master (M22ti,QS8,VP100,EP175)
    Energy:C-5, encore or take as surrounds and c-c1, sub?
    Paradigm:Monitor 7,cc270,atoms or titans as surrounds, sub?

    Open to other suggestions.

    Also listened to and liked also Mordant-Short, B&W, PSB, Totem, Klipsch, Mission and Sony. In other words almost all speakers in this price range sound rather good to me, and I find it difficult to compare without A/B switching.

    The only advantage I can place are on Energy and Sony because I can get employee discounts through friends. But I'd rather pay for something I'll be happy with, however with a possible $600 extra in my pocket, will I notice?

    Looking for any advice on what to buy. My room is L-shaped
    and approximately 500sq.ft, open concept, with hardwood floors(very little damping). Using system for 60% music.
  2. Marty M

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    Dec 6, 1998
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    With the Paradigm Monitor 7s you should look at the cc-370 for the center channel. It is an identical match to the speakers in the Monitor 7s. FWIW, I have been using the Monitor 7s for over 5 years and have been very pleased with their sound.
  3. Lee Carbray

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    Oct 23, 2002
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    First of I will say I have an energy system with c-5 mains c-c1 centre and c-1 as surrounds. I built my own sub using a Shiva and the PE 250W amp. I love it. I just recently got the c-1's to replace the old JBL N24's I was using and I have to say having matching surrounds does make a noticable difference. Perhaps it is just the quality of the c-1's are better, but at any rate I would suggest matching the surrounds with the rest of the system.

    For the energy system I would consider c-3 all around with the c-c1 and then the left over put towards a sub. That way you will have a fully matching system and could get a better sub. The Axiom system fits you budget nicely and I would imagine would sound great too.

    You said you like most of what you have heard so I would say go with the Energy or Paradigm. But instead of getting a $2000 retail ssytem and pocketing the discount, get a $2600 dollar system and let the discount bring you back into budget.

    For a sub I don't have any specific suggestions other then don't make it an after thought. If you blow your budget getting some nice towers for the mains and then grab a cheap sub you will not be happy. I would brakedown the budget between the 5 and the .1. The look for suggestion on a sub based on that budget.
  4. TimMc

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    Dec 30, 2002
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    If you're not in a real rush, you could try an Axiom alternative & save a few $$$(CAD). First, go into their Factory Outlet store & notice that it might take a little while to get everything. Then go read up on how their "blems" rarely if ever have an identifiable blemish. Then substitute another pair of M22ti's (or even M3ti's) for the QS-8's and have direct radiators for your surrounds & buy everything from the Outlet store. And maybe look into SVS or HSU or Adire for the subwoofer. Just a thought, that's all...

    My "confession" is that we've added Paradigm (Studio) ADPs 'cause I just knew they'd be better for surrounds. They really are just fine - but not that much spectacularly better in our large room than the direct radiators (Minis) that were there. And if you decide you like SACD or DVD Audio then you may like direct radiators for surround music better than the dipolars (or "quadpolars").

    We have both Paradigm (Studio) & some Axioms (though not in the same room) and I confess I rather like the Axioms now for the bang for the buck. The P-Digm Studios will probably be way beyond your budget (but you could use Mini's for surrounds & you can be very happy w/ that choice, too).

    Can't help on Energy - just never got a good listen from them. We have friends who love theirs (now that's one scientifically-based testimonial, eh?).

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