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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by KenKE, Jun 9, 2003.

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    0 get to the point, when I am sitting in my "sweet spot", I have no bass. When I stand in my "sweet spot" I have very good, tight bass. The Harmon Axial Standing Wave
    calculator tells me I have a node at 76Hz, 3 feet 9 inches
    off the its almost creepy that is almost exactly how far my ears are from the floor when sitting in my sweet spot. Now the hard part is how do I adjust all
    my furniture so that everybody's ears are at least 4 feet off the floor? I have a feeling my wife will not like the answer.

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    Try moving the sub first. Have you tried the good old "put the sub where you sit" method for finding a location to place the sub within the room? This will find your room modes quickly. I have a similar issue, but have very few choices of where to locate the sub. I have played with the placement and calibration, and found something acceptable, but still not what I know the sub is capable of. I get the rumble, but the "kick" is kind of lacking in the listening position, then the same thing - bass is OK when you stand up or move somewhat away fromt the sweet spot.

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