Awesome compression scheme. HD-DVD closer?

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    Zeros & Ones Technologies Achieves Seven Full Length
    Movies on One DVD
    SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 26, 2001--The digital technology group of
    Zeros & Ones, Inc. (OTCBB:ZROS - news) today announced that it has been able to
    surpass its previously released milestone of putting five full-length feature films on a single
    DVD by adding two more full length films.
    This increases the total to seven full-length movies on one DVD.
    The increase in efficiency further demonstrates the power of the Company's revolutionary
    new high-quality digital video compression engine, ``MC-10,'' which currently is achieving
    ratios between three to ten times compression with the same or superior levels of image
    quality to MPEG2.
    MC-10 combines over 100 individual processes, ranging from high-definition image quality
    enhancements at the sub-pixel level during pre-compression stages, to pixel-by-pixel motion
    tracking and processing in the compression stages.
    ``Development actively continues on our MC-10 engine and we are working hard to achieve
    each phased milestone of this important project,'' said Robert J. Holtz, Chairman & CEO,
    ``As each phase and sub-phase is completed and the internal processes are further
    integrated, we expect to see additional improvements in compression performance thereby
    further widening our lead to the marketplace.''
    In addition to the new multi-movie DVD show-of-force, the Company is preparing a comparative analysis using 8 seconds
    of video: uncompressed, compressed using a conventional method, and compressed with MC-10. The analysis will
    showcase what the Company believes to be a substantial advantage in image quality when using MC-10.
    MC-10 is so radically different in its approach to compression that it can successfully compress scenes, such as backlit
    hair or fields of tall grass, that inherently don't compress well using conventionally available methods such as MPEG and
    MPEG2. In addition, MC-10 completely eliminates the possibility of ``banding,'' a common problem associated with
    compression especially in the high-end digital visual effects industry.
    The market for digital video compression is huge, encompassing DVDs, personal video recorders (such as Microsoft
    Ultimate TV and TiVO), satellite TV, digital motion picture transmission to theaters, high-quality video conferencing, digital
    video phones, wireless, and other broadband applications.
    The Company is in active talks with, and continues to seek, strategic technology and investment partners to advance the
    development and commercialization of MC-10.
    About Zeros & Ones Technologies:
    Zeros & Ones Technologies, a privately held spin-off of Zeros & Ones, Inc. (OTC BB:ZROS - news), provides one of the
    world's most powerful video compression solutions, MC-10 (media compression times ten), to the fastest growing
    segments of the high technology market -- ITV (interactive television), broadband VOD (video-on-demand), and consumer
    electronic devices such as STBs (set top boxes), PVRs (personal video recorders), and next-generation DV (digital video)
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    All of this without even changing the capacity of the disc itself. This is also good news for the satellite industry if it can be encoded in real time.
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    Yes, these are bruises from fighting. Yes, I am comfortable with that. I am enlightened.
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    I second that! [​IMG]
    - Brian
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    Bring it on!!!

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