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Awesome Barco Data 808s CRT Front Projector with mods including Color Correction

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Gary Murrell, May 10, 2005.

  1. Gary Murrell

    Gary Murrell Supporting Actor

    Oct 20, 2000
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    hey guys


    Ok guys I have here a great PJ, it's the Barco Data 808s model
    here are the specs at this link:


    This is a fabulous PJ that gives a gorgeous image, if you are using a 7" unit this would be a upgrade that you wouldn't begin to believe, wait until you see HDTV on this unit

    This is a rarer "s" model that features even more adjustments and stuff to tweak than the standard non "S" models

    This unit will display 1080i/720p and if you can set it up to it's best ability you might be able to pull out 960p

    This unit is giving around 950 lines of vertical resolution on a 1080i test pattern, only a 9" unit would do better with 1080i

    Scan lines are plainly visible on 720p at my current setup

    The MEC 180dvb22 tubes are rated as follows:

    the red is a 9
    the blue is a 8.5
    the green is a 7

    The image is breathtaking

    The Chassis has around 4500 hours, which is pretty low

    This PJ was purchased from Curt Palme, so you know that it is in perfect working order and has had all the common solder joints repaired that like to fail on these units

    The Projector is in perfect working order

    The Hd-8 revb lenses are in great shape

    Now to the best part, this unit has had the following mods done:

    The CRT coolant has been replaced with original Sony Red and Green colored glycol, not ink colored glycol, original sony stuff

    Color correction is the biggest upgrade that everyone is trying to pull off with various 808 projectors, this has already been done for you and you would not believe the difference this makes over a stock 808 projector

    This gives the most unbelievable colors that you could imagine, words cannot describe it

    The sony original red and green glycol is very hard to come by, so this is a great mod indeed

    second mod is also a big one in that this unit has had the original Data 808s Non-Scheimpflug lens mounts changed out to the graphics fully scheimpflug adjustable lens mounts

    This is a absolute must because the Data 808s uses washer shims behind the lenses that will never give perfect corner to corner focus like these lens mounts will, the scheimpflug is now fully adjustable with a simple nut driver

    next mod is not really a mod but I have gave this unit a full greyscale calibration, it is spot on, if you are not fimiliar with this it is very important to image quality, you get perfect blacks and perfect whites with no colors mixed in

    lastly the pj Has had it's outside case completly painted in black, this makes this unit really really sweet looking and it will vanish into your theater on a black ceiling, this is also a great great upgrade over the standard brite white case

    The case is in 95% perfedt shape and is only missing the door over the remote control panel(this is common among 808 units)

    Curt sells this unit stock without these mods for around 2500$ plus shipping, my price is 500$ less at 2000$

    I also have a source for a brand new green tube for this unit for under 500$, I can install this for you if you wish

    Pictures will be coming soon

    you may view my ebay feedback at:


    Buyer may setup his own shipping arrangements or I will glady ship this unit to you by fedex freight

    Fedex freight is the best freight company in the world, they features 3 day delivery and treat items very well, I have sold a Big Screen tv to a fella across the country and it reached him in 3 days and in perfect shape

    fedex freight shipping cost will be 250.00 even

    please email me if you have any questions gmurrell1 "at" bigsandybb.com

    Thanks for viewing, I look forward to doing business with you

  2. Gary Murrell

    Gary Murrell Supporting Actor

    Oct 20, 2000
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    Forgot to give my email, please email gmurrell1 "at" bigsandybb.com for any questions or concerns

    Thanks guys


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