AVR 7200: Owners Initial Thoughts

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    Gentlemen, it's always a pleasure to take time and share some thoughts with you. I am the new owner of this beast of a receiver. I purchased the H/K from Onecall, thus far I have been pleased with the financial plunge I undertook upgrading from and Entry lvl Sony receiver to this Juggernaught.

    My initial impression was obviously complete awe with respect to the sheer size and depth of the AVR7200. As I said before it easily dwarfed my sad little Sony and if sheer size alone were in question the 7200 could easily put a school yard whoopin on my buddies Elite 43-tx.

    I have matted the HK with Polk's all around in a 5 channel configuration. I have yet to provide my condo with a subwoofer and I sincerely don't have an overwhelming desire to do so. There seems to be a cult like fanatical obsession with base. So much so that I convinced my friend on his need for an SVS PB2-ISD. Well, to make a long story short, there obviously is such a thing as too much of a good thing and we will be boxing that monster up this weekend and saying addios. No doubt our professional calibrating skills are to be questioned, but we nearly devoted a week in off and on sessions to calibrating and repositioning, finally finding the sweet spot. Two hours later, after yet another screening of the Two Towers we both left the movie with headaches and humming ears. Thats another story, I have obviously digressed, so I ask your appologies.

    The Polk line of speakers has for the most part been known for its warm tonal characteristics, those who own the current RTi models might disagree, but my current front stage composed of two RT55s the mother of all bookshelf; the poster boy for steroid use and speakers and one CS400i have complimented the reknown warm sound of the HK beautifully. I had the opportunity to compare Paradigm monitor series and Klipsh RF series speakers for about a month and decided to keep my almost prehistoric Polks. For my purpouse they just sounded better.

    I recently added some additional goodies to my setup. Monster z1 wire for my frontstage and Monster THX preterminated 14 gauge white wire for my newly purchased RTi28 side surrounds. I made the buy from Crutchfield. They were generous enough to ship out a pair of 38's and 28's for me to compare. My gut tells me that the 38's would prove a better match, but logic can't deny that the 36" Sanus stands bought for surround duty don't securely hold the 38's on my quilt like burbor carpet.

    My initial impressions on the AVR7200 were as follows: First, the setup process was wonderfuly simple. The onscreen display has absolutely made all the difference. My research indicated that this unit was rather difficult to dial in. Not so, the onscreen display allows you to make all pertinant decisions quickly.

    The REMOTE, ok it's as large as it is ergonomically inefficient. I'm not kidding, this remote is all of 10 inches. Aesethically it's a marvel to behold and it's construction like the receiver is solid, but the number of keys on the remote I would say is superfluous and its accuracy is questionable. You really have to point this sucker at the receiver to make selections, you almost feel like your sighting in a hunting rifle. Depression of the units individual keys doesn't feel precise either. That said, its sufficiently designed to do its job and is by no means a deterent towards those considering the HK.

    Now, lets discuss the EZSET feature of the remote as it was no doubt marketed to rival the wonderfully precise, relatively speaking, Auto MCACC feature found on Pioneer Elite Receivers. Let me begin by saying that the EZSet was not a feature that I regarded as a prospective buyer. I never had an ambition and or expectations about the accuracy and reliability of an in remote microphone sensitive enough to gauge receiver generated test tones for the purpose of calibrating multi-channel sound levels.

    I perhaps have not given this feature anough serious exploration to provide you with an accurate review of its function. However, I did devote an indifferent 40 minutes of time yesterday envening attempting to configure the sound output of my receiver. I will be the first to agree that my own untrained ear is not the end all judge on acoustic accuracy, but I couldnt help buy chuckle as the EZset configured my speakers. My dear deaf uncle could have done a better job. If my Radio Shack SPL Meter were animate, I belive it would have been laughing as I was. Bottom Line, so far the EZSET function, emmmmm....BLOWS! Keep Your SPL Meters. [​IMG]

    The AVR 7200 upon use does get hot. It obviously has not heated to the point of moonlighting as a 1000 dolar skillet, but it got hot enough just on stereo mode to get this newbies attention. Without question the HK needs breathing room. I suspect that the approximate 6 inches of overhead clearance it currently has will suffice. I will ultimately have to take a jigsaw to the rear of my entertainment center to cut out a large wire window. This will hopefully allow me another inche or so of clearance so the unit can be stored doors closed within my entertainment NOOK. Yes, its an entertainment NOOK, Get over it. :thumb:

    Should any of you have an further questions please let me know. Ohh, there have been 0 quality control issues as of yet. We all have heard about previous concerns and problems with older units. Thus far, this HK has performed FLAWLESSLY!
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    mine rocks too![​IMG]

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