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Avical/Precision Theater Consultants ISF calibration on my Panny HDTV (1 Viewer)

Marc Carra

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Aug 31, 1997
Dave and Eliab did my Panny set yesterday here in Cornwall,Ontario. The results are pretty amazing. Focus and clarity improved about 110% Colors are also now true to life. Initally after the calibration I was somewhat shocked at how much more dim the image was. Eliab informed me that my set was running with a light output of about 40 somethings or other, and it would be about 12 when he was done, so that would probably account for the drastic change. I honestly have to say that I prefer the image with contrast set a few clicks higher than what the post calibration levels were. Even a few clicks above the recommended level looks fantastic. Since they centered all the user picture controls, it's easy to return to their settings.

Anyway, before the calibration HD programming looked better than DVD , but not drastically better. Now HD is drop dead gorgeous and has that 'looking thru a window' feel to it. We watched "Over Alaska" in HD and it was the next best thing to being there. I also sampled a bit of CSI while it was playing last night and although we've watched it for a couple years in HD, it was like seeing it for the first time in full high definition. Just stunning!

The experience was very informative and friedly. Dave and Eliab are two of the nicest guys you could meet.After a nasty Canada customs experience, the guys were still in a good mood and were ready to work. They were able to figure out my PC DVD remote which is a real pain to work. Dave even put up with my cat, even though he is very allergic to 'the spawns of satan' as he called them :) In all, am very satisfied with the job Eliab and Dave have done. If I had to change anything , I would have had them calibrate it for a little brighter room settings. Like I said though, a little boost of picture contrast still retains all of the benefits of the calibration and gives me what I'm looking for.

I highly reccomend Avical/Precision Theater Consultants to anyone who wants to squeeze the most out of their display!


Michael TLV

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Mar 16, 2000
Calgary, Alberta
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Michael Chen

Of course you can reestablish a new contrast and brightness center position in the service menu too. No big deal.

As far as contrast is concerned ... just a couple of things to bear in mind ... not too high so that white crush occurs ... and not too high so that it hurts your eyes or causes eye fatigue.


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