Avia or DVE???

Discussion in 'Displays' started by GregCole, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. GregCole

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    Feb 13, 2004
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    I have the S & V disk, but I'm looking for a little more detail. Which disc would you all suggest?

    DVE or Avia?

    Thanks- Greg
  2. MikeEL

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    Feb 25, 2004
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    Hey, Greg, how you like this rain?

    You may want to try researching over at another site that has as it's mascot a spotted dalmatian dog. They have a whole forum on DVE vs Avia. I think I would go with Avia as there are also numerous guides available if you get stuck or wish for more in-depth discussion.

    I like S&V for the quick and dirty adjustments, tho. JMHO.
  3. GregCole

    GregCole Extra

    Feb 13, 2004
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    Thanks Mike, it's a nice day. If you're a duck! What area are you in?

  4. DuWayne

    DuWayne Stunt Coordinator

    Sep 8, 2003
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    I like the NEW DVE (Sep. 2003) over Avia, way more info/test/templetes. It also has HD support.
  5. MikeEL

    MikeEL Auditioning

    Feb 25, 2004
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    I have yet to see the new "D"VE - i didn't know they added THAT much stuff. There was way too much stuff for me even in the old VE version! I wonder if there is a digital Avia on the way? Probably....

    Greg, I work in Springtown and live in Nixa (don't we all?)[​IMG]
  6. MuneebM

    MuneebM Supporting Actor

    Jan 12, 2004
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    For picture calibration: Avia
    For 6.1/7.1 speaker calibration: DVE
  7. DuWayne

    DuWayne Stunt Coordinator

    Sep 8, 2003
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  8. Guy Kuo

    Guy Kuo Supporting Actor

    Mar 6, 1999
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    Does DVE have this many test signals and the large amount of posted usage hints of AVIA on the forums? DVE "HD" on the disc isn't on the DVD. It's a separate video tape.

    TitleChapterAudio Test Signal

    62Channel Identification (5.1)

    6565 Channel Speaker Balance

    63Left-Front Level

    64Center Level

    65Right-Front Level

    66Right-Surround Level

    67Left-Surround Level

    643Phase Left-Front/Right-Front

    644Phase Left-Front/Center

    645Phase L-Surround/R-Surround

    646Phase L-Front/L-Surround

    69Subwoofer Level, Left-Front

    610Subwoofer Level, Center

    611Subwoofer Level, Right-Front

    612Subwoofer Level, Right-Surround

    613Subwoofer Level, Left-Surround

    614Subwoofer Phase Filtered Pink Noise, Left-Front

    615Subwoofer Phase Filtered Pink Noise, Center

    616Subwoofer Phase Filtered Pink Noise, Right-Front

    617Subwoofer Phase Filtered Pink Noise, Right-Surround

    618Subwoofer Phase Filtered Pink Noise, Left-Surround

    619Subwoofer Phase Warble Sweep, Left-Front

    620Subwoofer Phase Warble Sweep, Center

    621Subwoofer Phase Warble Sweep, Right-Front

    622Subwoofer Phase Warble Sweep, Right-Surround

    623Subwoofer Phase Warble Sweep, Left-Surround

    625Wideband Pink Noise 5 Channel Pan

    626150 Highpass Pink 5 Channel Pan

    627Circulating Ambience Generator Clicks

    655Pink Noise Match of Center Speaker

    647Low Frequency (200 to 20 Hz) Sweep, Left-Front

    648Low Frequency (200 to 20 Hz) Sweep, Center

    649Low Frequency (200 to 20 Hz) Sweep, Right-Front

    650Low Frequency (200 to 20 Hz) Sweep, Right-Surround

    651Low Frequency (200 to 20 Hz) Sweep, Left-Surround

    652Low Frequency (200 to 20 Hz) Sweep, LFE

    628Low Frequency Pink Noise, 5 Channel Pan

    629Low Frequency Pink Noise, 6 Channel Pan

    631Wideband Pink Noise, Left-Front

    632Wideband Pink Noise, Subwoofer Level, Center

    633Wideband Pink Noise, Subwoofer Level, Right-Front

    634Wideband Pink Noise, Subwoofer Level, Right-Surround

    635Wideband Pink Noise, Subwoofer Level, Left-Surround

    636Wideband Asynchronous Pink Noise, 5 Channels

    TitleChapterVideo Test Pattern

    11Needle Pulses

    12Needle Pulses + Steps

    13Black Bars + Log Steps

    14Black Bars

    15Black Bars + Half Gray

    16Black Bars + Half White

    17Vertical 10 IRE Steps

    18Horizontal 10 IRE Steps

    19Crossed Step Scale

    110Vertical Brightness Steps

    111Horizontal Brightness Steps


    11310 IRE Window

    11420 IRE Window

    11530 IRE Window

    11640 IRE Window

    11750 IRE Window

    11860 IRE Window

    11970 IRE Window

    12080 IRE Window

    12190 IRE Window

    122100 IRE Window

    12320 IRE Window

    12410 IRE Field

    12520 IRE Field

    12630 IRE Field

    12740 IRE Field

    12850 IRE Field

    12960 IRE Field

    13070 IRE Field

    13180 IRE Field

    13290 IRE Field

    133100 IRE Field

    199Black Bars

    1102Vertical Gray Ramp

    1103Horizontal Gray Ramp

    1104Crossed Horizontal Gray Ramp

    1105Crossed Vertical Gray Ramp

    21Center Cross 30 IRE

    22Center Cross 50 IRE

    23Center Cross 100 IRE

    24Crosshatch 30 IRE

    25Crosshatch 50 IRE

    26Crosshatch 100 IRE

    27Crosshatch Inverse

    28Dot Hatch 30 IRE

    29Dot Hatch 50 IRE

    210Dot Hatch 100 IRE

    211Dot Hatch Inverse

    212Circle Hatch 30 IRE

    213Circle Hatch 50 IRE

    214Circle Hatch 100 IRE

    215Dots 30 IRE

    216Dots 50 IRE

    217Dots 100 IRE

    218Gray Field Dots

    219White Field Dots

    220Black Field Plus

    221Gray Field Plus

    222White Field Plus

    223Checkerboard 30 IRE

    224Checkerboard 50 IRE

    225Checkerboard 100 IRE

    227Crosshatch 1.66 30 IRE

    228Crosshatch 1.66 100 IRE

    228Crosshatch 1.66 50 IRE

    229Crosshatch 1.85 30 IRE

    230Crosshatch 1.85 50 IRE

    231Crosshatch 1.85 100 IRE

    232Crosshatch 2.0 30 IRE

    233Crosshatch 2.0 50 IRE

    234Crosshatch 2.0 100 IRE

    235Crosshatch 2.35 30 IRE

    236Crosshatch 2.35 50 IRE

    237Crosshatch 2.35 100 IRE

    238WSE Crosshatch 30 IRE

    239WSE Crosshatch 50 IRE

    240WSE Crosshatch 100 IRE

    241WSE Crosshatch Inverse

    242WSE Circle Hatch 30 IRE

    243WSE Circle Hatch 50 IRE

    244WSE Circle Hatch 100 IR

    245WSE Dot Hatch Inverse

    246WSE Dot Hatch 30 IRE

    247WSE Dot Hatch 50 IRE

    248WSE Dot Hatch 100 IRE

    249WSE Dots 30 IRE

    250WSE Dots 50 IRE

    251WSE Dots 100 IRE

    252WSE Resolution

    2154Crosshatch 1.78 30 IRE

    2155Crosshatch 1.78 50 IRE

    2156Crosshatch 1.78 100 IRE

    31Resolution 100 TVL

    321Resolution 200 TVL


    323Sweep 50%


    325Multiburst (Labeled)

    326Multiburst 50%

    327Multiburst 50% (Labeled)


    41Blue Bars

    42Red Bars

    43Green Bars

    44Split Color Bars

    45Split Bars with Gray

    46Crossed Bars

    47Minimum Phase Bars

    48Maximum Phase Bars

    49Full Bars

    410Split 100/75 Bars

    411Full 100 Bars

    412Split 100 Bars

    413Full 50 Bars

    414Split 50 Bars

    415Yellow Field

    416Cyan Field

    417Green Field

    418Red Field

    419Magenta Field

    420Blue Field

    51Color Decoder Check

    52Y/C Delay

    53Zone Plate

    54Zone Plate (30 frames/sec)

    55Gamma Chart

    5616 Rectangle


    58Backlight Levels
  9. GregCole

    GregCole Extra

    Feb 13, 2004
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    Wow, information overload. Thanks for the input.

    MikeEL, maybe we could get together sometime for calibration trials. My wife and I are going to Columbia for the MU/KU game this weekend. Maybe next weekend? I'll supply good food! Let me know.

    Thanks- Greg
  10. ChrisWiggles

    ChrisWiggles Producer

    Aug 19, 2002
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    You should see him do that list for Avia Pro.

  11. Adam Barratt

    Adam Barratt Cinematographer

    Oct 16, 1998
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    From a simple usability perspective I prefer AVIA. The original Video Essentials was by far the hardest disc to navigate I've ever seen. The newer DVE is easier to get around in, but is still a little labyrinthine. AVIA is also, IMHO, far better for subwoofer calibration.

  12. GregCole

    GregCole Extra

    Feb 13, 2004
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    I've decided that for the $, I'm going to pick up DVE and then get the Avia II when it comes out. Thanks for all the input.


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