August 17 thats right another norcal meet

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    Well our next meet is going to be hosted by none other than, John Beavers. All I can say about this one is get your RSVP in soon cause we have a limit of 12 and that will sit 3 people indian style on the floor. Brad and I will opt out if the response is what I expect it to be.
    If you want to hear a system that is an audiophiles dream system than you don't want to miss this meet. We will be comparing Johns velodyn HGS (I love that sub) to the Adire Audio's Darmahn we had at the last meet. Knowing John we will spend more time calibrating the two subs than we did at Danny's place but I can't wait to see how the Darmahn (that I am growing to love) will hold up against John's HGS.
    So get ready and RSVP quickly to [email protected] This is going to be another great meet brought to you by
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    Photos from Norcal Meet #3 John Beavers house
    What a blast. Here is what I posted at HTT, I am just cutting and pasting the post here for everyone to see. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] to be put on our mailing list for upcoming events. Put it this way, we are currently scheduled every month for the remaining of this year and first 3 months of 2003 with monthly meets. Get in while you can. On with my review of the meet:
    Well, Johns house is still standing after we did FOUR different subs in his little townhouse. What an awesome time, we had A Velodyne, a sub called SOUP (Sub of unusual proportions), The Dharman from Adire and a Stryke. We used the new reference material of Lord of The Rings. I will make it short, the velodyne kicks for such a small sub more than anything I have ever heard in my life, the SOUP is just awesome, hits the lows very well, no problem with Lord of The Rings, The Dharman clipped once or twice in demo but still sounded awesome and looks very impressive, now the Stryke, This sub made all of Johns lights in his house go REAL dim and then come back on. We all busted a gut. It was so funny, not once, but twice it did this. It was great! The stryke sucked so much power in the house, I could not believe it. Anyways, a more detailed review of subs at a later date. Johns system is by far the most impressive I have ever heard, The Dynaudios were being put to a test with LOTR. His rear speakers started clipping and he had to make some changes to his system. Poor speaker was yelling mercy, mercy!!! The food was great, people were awesome. Nice story from Chris Maynard about the corvettes and how he is a snake eater (watch out Dean). Those there will get that one! Look at the photos from the first meet the car that was there and then put it together. Anyways, I had a blast as usual and this time Max, they got a couple of photos of me. On the photos page I did not get the names of the people yet, I will today later on. Here are the photos NorCal Meet #3 of 2002 Photos so another successful meet, nect month looks to be at Dean McManis place in San Jose. Details coming soon.
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