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Audyssey, Denon, Atlantic 270 THX, CDs, and bright(ness)....opinions please......... (1 Viewer)

Corbin Stirn

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Dec 22, 1999
Hello. So I recently acquired a set of Atlantic Technology 270 THX speakers and hooked them up. I have a mid-level Denon, the 1910. I had a hankering to listen to an 80s CD-Dangerous Age by Bad Company. I had been listening to some tapes and CDs through my PDF1007(optical hookup so it goes through the Denon processors). Everything had sounded decent before this.

WOW! WTF? SO BRIGHT. It was hurting my ears....I had to go in and turn off audyssey, turn on the tone controls, add +3 to the bass and -4 to the treble. I then played it through my NS3100ES DVD player(through HDMI) and it sounded better, but still brighter than I ever would have expected.

I have multiple questions for everyone out there. Is this an instance of the speakers just showing everything I have been missing? and that higher end speakers show EVERYTHING, good and bad, about a recording? Is this the CD? I know that some of the 80s and 90s CDs were supposedly not mastered nearly as well as they are now. I had Onkyo speakers(not the uber-cheap ones) hooked up before and they always sounded good. I know Denons are very neutral to slightly warm and so I thought they would match up well with the 270s. Is this the Denon? Thought the 1910 was mid-level so would match up well. Just numerous questions about what exactly this situation could be. It just suprised me that a CD could sound that bad/bright. Thanks for any input.

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