Auditioning new receivers - what to look for???

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  1. Tom_Mack

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    Dec 11, 2000
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    I'm looking to upgrade my Yamaha rx-v596 receiver to possibly the Marantz sr-8200. I have Paradigm Monitor 7 mains, cc-370 center, and mini monitor surrounds with a PDR-10 sub. I know the store has these in their showroom, but they do not carry the yamaha receiver anymore.

    I am planning to bring in my yamaha receiver to do a direct comparison againt the Marantz and any other receivers in the sub $1500 range.

    The main reason for me to upgrade the receiver is to get one that is more musical and much less bright. I am assuming that in 2 channel music with a well recorded source should be like night and day when comparing the two receivers sound quality (Yamaha 2 channel/Marantz 2 channel source direct). The upper bass quality was lacking in the yamaha, especially in the center channel in 5 channel DTS music so I will be testing for this too.

    Other than the brightness/musicality, what else should I be checking for in the sound? I will be listening to about 50% music(Classic rock and classical orchestral) / 50% movies.

    Any recommendations for music/DVDs to bring for the tests?

    I plan to bring at least one powerful and one quiet orchestral piece, one rock song with good bass guitar, and one popular acoustical, natural sounding song. I assume if the music sounds good to me the movies should too.

    Any other reccomendations for a musical sounding, high quality receiver with all the bells and whistles (PLII, DTS-ES, etc)?
  2. Michael Botvinick

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    Good choices are:

    Eagles live Hell Freezez over

    Soundtrack to Imortal Beloved

    Remastered Pink Floyd The WAll

    I also like Listener Supported from Dave Mathewes especially the drum solo in the song 3step

    DVD Movies: Toy Story II opening and Star Wars episode I
  3. Bob McElfresh

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    The sound track on DVD's are very compressed. The DTS disks are less-compressed, but they are lossy compared to a standard CD.

    Since you are looking for more "musical" receiver, my advice would be to only audition with 2-channel CD's. Make sure the recevier has all DSP modes turned off and only the L/R speakers should be making sound. (You also have more of a chance of getting a good comparison with only 2 speakers in the mix. You add more speakers, you add more variables.)

    Then as a final check, fire up a music DVD and listen to how it sounds. But only as a final check.

    I belive you are correct: if it sounds good with music, it will also sound good with movies.

    Good Luck.
  4. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Bring these CD's:

    Depeche Mode 86-98; The Singles

    Rush; Power Windows

    Sarah McLachlan; Surfacing

    and play them in a DVD or CD player that is connected to the SR 8200 via an optical or coax DIGITAL cable. Check for audio dropouts. The beginning of the following tracks can get cut off, as does get cut off on the 5200/6200 and on the Onkto 797, from my experience with 3 different DVD players.

    Try Depeche Mode 86-98 tracks #1 and #3 and others. go back and forth. stop and then press a track number. Even playing straight through un-interupted, I have had the beginning of the tracks cut off.

    I'd love to hear what happened. Remember, press the forward track button and try the individual tracks numbers. Stop the player and start it again by pressing the track number or play.

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