Auditioning electronics?

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    How should I audition the electronic components?

    I guess I hadn't really though of it before, but after basing my receiver decision on reviews, and speaker decision on auditions.... I realized i have 3 different cd players in mind for about $300, from 3 different stores that I would like to compare. The reviews seem positive, but I don't want to buy one at random just because "they are all good, just pick one." I find it impossible to compare the electronics at different places on different speakers and different amps.... How do i go about auditioning them? Should I set up take-home auditions? This seems like a nuisance both to me, and the stores. Do I bring them into one specific store (they are all like right next to each other on the same street) or is this also a little awkward? What do you folks normally do? Especially when trying to get a listen to more budget-oriented gear?
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    ultimately you have to get the gear home. this is really important when it comes to speakers, but i say the rule applies to all gear.

    listening at home is the only way to go. you're in the final environment that the gear will be in, you'll be able to hear the entire "chain of gear" (meaning all your components working together), you'll be able to demo material you're familiar with and (probably most importantly) you won't be under any pressure or time constraints.

    any store worth its salt will know and understand this. they should have a liberal return policy or some sort of loaner they'll let you take home for a small security deposit. be on the lookout for bogus restocking fees too.

    if the store vacillates (sp?) on any of this go elsewhere.

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