Audioslave - Live in Cuba

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nathan Eddy, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Don't buy this! The music sounds okay (though there is no 5.1 mix), but Chris Cornell sounds horrible! I can't believe they released something with vocals this bad. He literally struggles to stay in tune, and cannot sing even the easy stuff right. I love Chris's studio performances--he's actually one of my favorite singers--but this is painful to listen to. He even looks like it hurts him, too. You can tell he knows he's bad. For a front-man, he has no confidence whatsoever in this performance. His entire body language is like one big cringe. You can tell he has no idea whether he'll be able to nail the next note.
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    Doug Miller
    Nathan --

    Cornell has always been hit and miss. I saw Soundgarden twice, and both performances were solid overall. I've heard bootlegs that were absolutely awful -- It's gotten worse since joining Audioslave. Cornell is great in the studio after multiple, multiple takes.

    Same thing for Chili Peppers; man did they suck live.

  3. Carlo Medina

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    Color me lucky, I guess. I saw Soundgarden twice (once on the Badmotorfinger tour, once on Down on the Upside), Cornell solo once, and Audioslave once and at all times he was spectacular (and I'm a singer/guitarist--admittedly amateur--but I can dissect a vocal performance).

    I do have the DVD though and I agree that he's off on quite a bit of it...maybe the travel to Cuba f'd him up or something (just the act of traveling, not that it's Cuba).

    Or maybe the years of his intense vocal styles are finally catching up to him.

    Chili Peppers, on the other hand, do indeed suck live! [​IMG]

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