Audiophile 2-channel speaker for center?

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    Aloha all,
    I'm considering building some speakers using the North Creek Rhythm kits. For those not familiar, these are floorstanding MTM units (7", then tweeter, then another 7") with response from about 35Hz on up.
    Anyway, my question: these are supposedly great two-channel speakers. Can I use one flipped on its side for the center channel?
    My original thinking was that it would work great; these are, after all, audiophile speakers. Now I've been reading up on interference patterns and the differences in dispersion between 2-channel and HT speakers (namely, more vertical, less horizontal in 2-channel, and vice-versa in HT, leading to more focus but less ambience and a smaller sweet spot if I'm using 2-channel speakers in a HT).
    The upshot is that I'm not so sure one of these on its side is going to make a great center speaker: poor off-center response (read: "unintelligable" dialogue for people out of the small sweet spot). I'm even questioning the whole application for HT given the differences.
    Any comments? I do have a relatively small room, so I think it's a bit moot, but I'd like to keep these for quite some time, and the room could get bigger. : ) I'm also trying to combine 2-channel and HT; I can't afford two sets of speakers unless the HT ones are gonna be
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    Have you looked at BESL speaker kits? They are nearly as well regarded as Northcreeks from what I've read, and heoffers a TM center kit to match his MTM kits to use as a center. His XOs and cabinets are also reported to be topnotch.
    The downside is this center might be a little weak since your center carries a lot of the programming in HT applications, and it would eb smaller the your other mains in this case.
    Regardless, though, you do not want to just flip a Rhythm on it's side.
    BESL is at
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    The North Creek Rhythm's are not shielded, so that might cause a problem unless you are using a front projector. Have you looked at the North Creek Visions? These are George Short's latest design and he feels they are superior in quality even to the Rhythm's. They use the newest Scan-Speak 15S-8530K-01 shielded Revelator Mid-Woofer and D2905/9900 Revelator tweeter (also shielded). I have ordered the Vision kits and expect to receive them by next Monday. I have only to attach the fascia and the plinth, stain, finish, install the crossovers and drivers, and I will finally see if the claims of the ultimate monitor are valid. I am confident they are. I also recently built the Leviathan subwoofer, which is a great match for the Vision Signature.
    George has also completed the plans for his center channel, the vision-c, and hopes to have them up on his web site in a few weeks. It uses the same drivers in a horizontal MTM configuration, but does not use the Multichamber Aperiodic Progressive Damping design used in the mains. He sent me some pictures of the ones he built for himself, and they look fantastic!

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