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Audioholics: 10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Formats Have Already Failed (1 Viewer)

Glenn Overholt

Senior HTF Member
Mar 24, 1999
Oops! I missed that one! Even so, the article didn't go into audio that much, but they should have.

I am beginning to think that there is something going on here that we don't know about. Didn't it take a couple of years for DVD players to work out all of the bugs - especially with DTS?

Thus, maybe there will be a 2 year niche, after which all of the bugs will be corrected, and SD-DVD's will just stop being made. This speculation of mine is based on the April, 1999 switch to HD only TV.


Jerome Grate

Senior HTF Member
May 23, 1999
Interesting article but of course I have some issues with it. I couldn't paste the article since rules don't allow us to but here are my responses to each point they make. Remember, you have to read the article to understand some of the responses.

1. Nobody likes false starts
Yes it’s true both formats came out with a sputter rather than a bang, however, it’s been proven that time will fix a lot of these problems, according to a post here, HDMI 1.3 has been released. Toshiba has already fixed their problems with firmware and 1080p I’m pretty sure is not far off. The only ones that suffered from this less than perfect release are those that jumped in early and based on the reviews I’ve read, it’s not the worst thing.

2. Format Wars Don’t Sell Players
Agreed, however with talk even from Sony of the possibility of a dual format player, it could change the sales figure drastically, I believe it will allow the consumer to choose their software based on which one is the most sensible software.

3. HD DVD and Blu-ray are NOT Quantum Leaps in Technology
This maybe true, yet over the years large screen HDTVs are in many households and the consumer known as the Joey Six Pack has entered into the world of HD. Time will also address this point, cheaper HD-DVD, BD or dual format HD players will start to grow and be accepted by the average consumers.

4. Studios are Conservative, Greedy and Unmotivated
How soon we forget in 1997, when DVD first came out it started with very few titles and then picked up once it took a strong hold. I remember back then not getting into it because of the cost and the fact VHS was good enough for me then. When the price dropped on the players and sales picked up, there was probably a DVD player in almost every home by the time 3rd generation DVD players were released. Heck DVDs were hackable almost immediately and still remains to be. HD content on DVD's and it's ability to be copied are addressed in the best way yet for the release they have not institued the function that would downrez via component yet. It’s early, you can’t predict a format’s demise within 3 months of it’s release.

5. Playstation3 Cannot Save the World
Not a game person so I can’t really comment on this.

6. Those Who Ignore History… DVD Audio and SACD comparison.
For me seeing is better than hearing. I love critical listening and I can sink into the couch and enjoy a good jazz cd or my favorite Marvin Gaye DTS CD in 5.1 surround sound, but there’s nothing like watching a movie in the same format DTS or DD. Now with High Definition this makes it even more attractive. I think comparing the audio formats and video formats are like comparing apples and oranges.

7. People Want Technology that’s 15 Minutes Ahead of Its Time
This point I agree with, lack HD content via satellite or cable is hampering the push for HD considerably. If there were more HD content so readily available, this would create a need or desire for HD Content on your DVD player.

8. Enthusiasts Are Getting Tired (and Smarter)
Yes we do grow weary of becoming early adopters of formats that appears to be not taking a strong hold in the industry, but time again will address this issue and most enthusiasts, I believe do become comfortable one way or the other.

9. A Skeptical News Media Doesn’t Help
In my field with the courts, my experience with the press is that usually the facts are not facts but their perception of what occurred. Therefore I don’t put stock into what the press has to say about the format.

10. Broadband and IPTV to Compete?
This goes back to point #7 the more HD material out there, the more the consumer will want it in other mediums. Unless broadband or IPTV can stream flawless HD content with out some form artifacting (which I doubt) HD-DVD or BD is the best way to get true HD content in the best case scenario.


Second Unit
May 25, 2006
Real Name
austan nguyen
I thought the article was very well written. The author stated his points and stuck to his title. He even backed up his points with facts or reasons how he came to his conclusion. It was easy to read and follow and he didnt go off on a tangent.

I dont necessarily agree with all he said and he only listed points in favor of his opinion. Let's say he made a list of "Cons" for HD media. Now I'll make a list of "Pros" or Ten reasons why HD media will succeed.

1: You cant stop evolution:
remember when 1ghz computers were "all we needed" and 12oz soda would quench our thirst. Well, today 3ghz dual cores arent enough and I easily drink 1 liter of cola.
2: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:
Golden Eyed HT buffs complain but most consumers think an upscaled SD DVD is HD.
3: Keeping up with the Jones
Once things start to catch on, it's time to play catch up...
4: Tim Allen
ugg..ugg..ugg more horsepower... more resolution.. ugg... ugg...ugg
5: If you build it, They will come
PSP sold 8.2 million UMD movies at $25 each approx $205,000,000. You be the judge on "failure"
6: Cochroaches
for every one you kill there's 10 that replaces it. for every HT fanatic that ran out of money to buy, there's 10 more starting up new systems. :laugh:
7: Me, I and Myself
when we want something we want it now!!! we are impulse shoppers, who wants to wait hours for a download when the HD Media will be right next to the checkout line for us to buy on the way out.
8: There's Media and there's Media
Wait until the Marketing Media gets into full swing.
9: Who wants to be History?
We love to upgrade dont we?
10: Studios are greedy!
StarWars THX 4-6 VHS, StarWars 4-6 Special Edition VHS, StarWars 4-6 DVD. It only cost Studios manufacturing money to sell already released movies and guess what, I own all 3 of those sets and most likely buy the HD version too.

This was not to be argumentative.. just 10 points I quickly made up and my reason behind them.

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