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    In my last theater I had a JVC RX-888 audio/visual reciever, it allowed me to run a fair number of audio and video inputs, acted as a switcher and then send the signals out to a couple devices. It also supported 2 speaker outputs. I can put in a second audio switcher, but it would be great if this system could handled more than 2.

    That was all pre-HDMI, of course.

    Now I'm putting together a new system. I want to be able to control everything from a single remote, so I don't want too many overlaying systems, and since I want to use an IR repeater, I want to make sure everything is, if not speaking the same language, at lease close enough so I don't have conflicting IR codes.

    So I'm looking at something with the usual DVD player, Scientific American cable box, iPad/iPod and a Roku box and my computer. The goal is to run a projector or a LCD flat screen as well as handle the house music.

    Is there a modern day version of the JVC RX-888 that gives me what I want?


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    Pretty much any modern receiver will act at the hub to your system. Using an IR repeater should not be an issue, either. Plus many newer receivers allow you to use multiple zones so you can have different content playing in different parts of your house.

    Without knowing your budget and what speakers you are using, it is difficult to recommend a particular model. I would start looking at brands like Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha, and HK. Unless you are getting a very high end avoid Sony. Also, while JVC, Samung, and other "major" brands make excellent electronics, they are not known for their receivers and you should avoid them as well.

    Hope this helps.

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