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Aug 3, 2007
Real Name
John Smith
I was wondering if you guys had any free downloadable CDs/DVDs that one could burn and put into their home theater setup to test the DTS capabilities and the generaly sound quality... I would really like to avoid buying a DVD for this, so do you have any free suggestions?

Cees Alons

Senior HTF Member
Jul 31, 1997
Real Name
Cees Alons
Hello John,

Welcome to the forum.

The very best products for that are the Video Essentials and the AVIA DVDs. But you need to buy these (one of these suffice).


Ed Moxley

Senior HTF Member
May 25, 2003
Eastern NC
Real Name
Here is a list of 6.1 movies and concerts, that I know of. A lot of 6.1 stuff is DTS. You may already have some of these.

* Alone in the Dark
* Austin Powers in Goldmember
* Bad Taste
* Beastmaster
* Blade 2
* Blade Trinity
* Bones
* Butterfly Effect, The
* Can't Stop The Music
* Chicken Run
* Contamination
* Crash
* Day of the Dead
* Dead & Buried
* Devil's Rejects, The
* Dirty Dancing: Ultimate Edition
* Domino
* Dumb and Dumber Unrated
* Evil Dead, The
* Fast Company
* Final Countdown, The
* Final Destination 2
* Final Destination 3
* Fire and Ice
* God Told Me To
* Gladiator (2-disc only)
* Haunting, The
* Highlander
* Highlander 2: The Quickening
* Hills Have Eyes, The
* Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
* Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings, The: Extended Edition
* Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King, The: Extended Edition
* Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, The: Extended Edition
* Lord of War
* Man Who Fell to Earth, The
* Maniac
* Maniac Cop
* Mask: SE, The
* My Brilliant Career
* Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion
* Open Water
* Osterman Weekend, The
* Q: The Winged Serpent
* Running Man, The
* Running Scared (2006)
* Rush Hour 2
* Saw
* Seven: Platinum Series
* S1mone
* Snakes on a Plane
* Standing in the Shadows of Motown
* Stargate: Ultimate Edition
* Starstruck
* Stir of Echoes: SE
* Stunt Man, The
* Suspiria
* Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
* Top Gun: Special Collector's Edition
* Toy Story 10th Anniversary SE
* Toy Story 2: SE
* Upside of Anger, The
* Venom
* Vigilante
* Watcher in the Woods, The
* X-Men: The Last Stand

There's also good music dvds:

Eagles.........Hell Freezes Over
Paul McCartney....... Back In The US

Just pop in any of these in your player, and enjoy..............
The Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over" concert is a very good DTS concert! :)


Aug 7, 2007
Real Name
Dimitri D
I'm wondering about the same thing. I need free and downloadable ones. I'm helping someone to setup the speaker placement & frequency etc so using the DTS tracks isn't gong to be very helpful although I do agree "Hell Freezes Over" is awesome. :emoji_thumbsup:


Second Unit
Oct 5, 2000
I guess I'm not understanding what you're trying to do that can't be done with the prepro/receiver's test tones and an SPL meter.

If you're looking for frequency response information, RealTraps has a downloadable CD of various frequency test tones and sweeps. Should be useful if you're trying to determine frequency response in room placement since speaker/room interaction doesn't care if the source is stereo, DD, or DTS.

In the avsforum DIY section, there's a sticky for a DD test dvd that one of the members has put together. Again, for setup purposes, I can't imagine what you could be trying to do with DTS that you can't do with DD, which is what this disc contains.

The Sound & Vision HT Setup Disc is only $20 at your local Best Buy or ordered direct from Sound & Vision. Has level setting tracks for DD and DTS, including 6.1, I believe. It also has video calibration tracks and demo material. It's essentially a subset of either Video Essentials or Avia calibration material. Possibly the best $20 you could spend if you're serious about your home theater.

Any THX certified DVD has basic level setting tones and frequency sweeps on it in the THX Optimizer section. Again, speaker setup doesn't care if it's DD or DTS.

Netflix does or did have either Avia or Video Essentials in the rental catalog.

Google will find probably find you a few more sources of frequency tests, not necessarily DTS/DD since those require access to an encoder to make. I'd also suggest hitting up Hometheatershack and investigating Room EQ Wizard.

I'll withhold a rant about illegally copying/distributing intellectual property and assume you're honestly trying to find something in the public domain.


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