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Jul 25, 2016
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Russell Thomas
I’m having some audio issues/questions that my home theater company has not been able to explain to me. I’m primarily a steaming home via Netflix and Hulu so I was using the Blue Ray player for that. Everything sounds great.

I had them add a Roku 4 to my system because I wanted something that was faster to navigate plus the Roku 4 has 4K capability to match the TV. When I stream the same programming from the Roku the sound doesn’t seem as rich as the DVD app streaming. Conversations sound almost Tinny more treble than base. Voices don’t seem to resonate as much. The sound from the DVD app seemed to come from all 3 of the front speakers whereas the Roku most of the sound seems to be from the center speaker I do hear things on all the speakers just not as much. I guess I want to know why the sound sounds different or see if maybe we have a setup/configuration issue. He has the Roku on hdmi but also an optical cable for what he said was the return channel audio. I contacted Roku and I think it may be setup correctly.

Any help?

Roku reference article:



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