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  1. Luke_Lemmings

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    Mar 13, 2003
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    Just got myself a DVD-A player in the Denon DVD-1600.

    Need some audio cables to hook it up.

    Will 3 sets of stereo audio cables do?

    What kind of audio cables should I be looking for?

    Any good brands that come to mind?

    I've been using Accoustic Research for my audio in the past and I find that their cables aren't bad.

    Any recommendations for brands and types would be appreciated. I'm looking for good quality but not something that will break the bank. Some low to mid level quality stuff.
  2. Jon_Welker

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    Apr 29, 2003
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    Yes, Luke, you need 3 pairs of audio analog interconnects. 2 pairs for the fronts, 2 pairs for the rears, and the 1 pair for the center and sub. And, I would recommend that if you have been happy with AR cables, then stick with them. I am using some Belden 89259 audio interconnects with Eichmann Bullet Plugs from They are reasonably priced, but probably more than the AR stuff you are looking at. I think what truly makes the difference on these is the bullet plugs. I recently hooked up my DV45A to my 45TX using these and "WoW", very nice sound. I'm sure the AR's would probably get the job done as well. The only thing that I would recommend against buying is Monster Cable. Decent cable yes, but way overpriced. Good luck and enjoy your new player.
  3. Chu Gai

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    There's not much to audio interconnects, and just about any sort of cable with RCA's at the end will do the job of sending the signal from Point A to Point B with no audible degradation. Consider the following link that discusses interconnects as they apply to preamps and amps.

    Apart from differences in cable diameter and minor differences in resistance, capacitance or inductance, there's no audible reason to prefer one over another. They all do the job. Some have greater shielding for those who have a unique situation with EMI/RFI. Hand made, as with anything that is hand made, will be more expensive. Someone's got to pay for the labor and that someone is you. Moving up in the price chain gets you better (different) appearance and the ability to say I can pay more for something that doesn't have to cost more. So Monster, Radio Shack, various Beldens or Canare, AR's, generic material such as these from National-Tech ($6 for a 6ft length of 3 cables) will all perform the same. If you don't yank on the cables then you won't have any problems. It's difficult to say just what justifies AudioQuest's pricing structure. Audio cable jewelry? So it's your money and your preferences that come into play. Buy what soothes your soul.

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