ATTN Paramount: Lip-sync problem with ST:DS9 - season 4

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Scott D S, Aug 10, 2003.

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    Scott Saslow
    Greetings. There is a similar thread on the Trek BBS.

    On the episode "Sons of Mogh", episode 3 on disc 4, there is an apparent lip-sync problem. I didn't believe it either at first but it is evident in the first scene after the opening credits as well as about 13 minutes in when Dax touches her comm badge. It looks like the audio is about 1 or 2 frames behind the video.

    I would appreciate anything you can do and information as to how I should proceed.

    EDIT: On second glance, the problem isn't that bad and I hope I wasn't too hasty in posting but it is noticeable. I tried it on 2 DVD players. It wsn't as bad on the second player but I have never had a lip-sync problem on either of them until now.
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    I, also, have noticed the audio sync problems described here with the Sons of Mogh episode.

    It's really odd in that in the scene where Sisko is tearing into Worf, Dax's lines don't seem to be as badly out of sync as Sisko's and Worf's.

    My player is a Panny S35 and it's the first time that it has ever exhibited this kind of behavior.

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