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ATTN: JVC, Fox & Lucasfilm: RE: Phantom Menace missing auto subtitles (1 Viewer)

Jim Tudor

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 10, 1999
I've recently purchased the JVC SA75GD player, which I love, except for the problem that has been discovered with the missing auto subtitles on the "Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace" DVD. The fact that many JVC players will not generate the fading subtitles for the alien dialogue (and the names during the commentary) is a point of major frustration and dissapointment for many. As a life-long Star Wars fan, I was looking forward to owning this DVD for a very long time, and to find it's less than 100% functional with my player is disheartening. Of all the titles for something like this occur with, why did it have to be this one??
But this issue goes beyond "The Phantom Menace" DVD. I am also concerned about the possibility of encountering DVDs in the future that I may not be as familiar with, and then being baffled when watching them.
There have been a few threads on this forum and others around the web, (like this one: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...threadid=17723 ) but all of them have gone unresolved, with the JVC/TPM owners begrudgingly settling for this. The reason seems to be that there is uncertainty about who should be held responsible for this oversight. Is it JVC, Fox, or Lucasfilm? I wish I knew, since this is an issue that needs to be resolved. Please, if any representative from any of these three parties has any info, please post it. The JVC players and TPM DVDs are two otherwise excellent products, which makes the disappointment of the two not working together perfectly all the more frustrating.

Jesse Clift

Jul 30, 2000
I also own a JVC player (XV-SA70BK) and it will not display the Phantom Menace subtitles. This is a big enough problem for me that I am going to get a different player in the near future. I would challenge JVC's customer service department to at least give some type of response. I emailed them about a month ago regarding this problem and have recieved nothing back from them.
Mar 5, 2001
Arvada, CO
Real Name
Patrick Lyons
I contacted Fox Home Entertainment a few days ago by phone, and I was dumbfounded when they informed me that this was the first they had heard of the issue with the subtitles on TPM with JVC DVD players. They offered to give a defective exchange, but I explained that all copies have this defect/compatibility issue.

I would encourage calls to thier Fox Consumer line at (888) 223-2369 so they are aware of the seriousness of this issue.


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