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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Leo Kerr, Feb 28, 2006.

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    I've spent a fair amount of time browsing over the forums I don't normally read, but finally decided to stick this post here, since it's where it seems most applicable.

    There is, especially in this Software-HDTV forum, a lot of information, disinformation, et cetera about the future of HD on home media, be it Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, or DaViD's sticker format war.

    I know someone who just came back from the HPA (Hollywood Post Alliance) meeting, and discussed some of the issues that are being discussed about the formats. Aparently, yes, at least some people in Hollywood may have their heads screwed on correctly.

    I know that Warner Studios, for example, has a VP - Director of Engineering - I met him once last April. Paramount, also, at least had an activist voice for technology at the VP level. I imagine he's still there, but he was always a busy man. (Note, I'm not using names.)

    I'm sure Fox, Disney, Sony/Columbia, Universal, et cetera all have similar positions. These are intelligent, knowledable people about both corporate policies and technologies and tech issues.

    Ron, Peter, I suppose it's a bit much to see if we could get these people for a couple of hours for a real HTF Chat, but based on what you guys know and your own studio contacts, do you suppose we might be able to get some "face time" on some of these people?

    I'm envisioning that, short of a chat, we might be able to perform a "slash-dot interview" ( ) For those unfamiliar with that site, they solicite questions, select the ten highest moderated questions, and submit them to the interviewee, who then returns the answers in days or weeks, depending on who they are, and how busy they are.

    This could, I think, work well for all parties. For example, all of the questions would be "clean" and could be presented in a non-energetic, non-abusive fashion, but would address a number of the concerns - real and imagined - of the HTFers. Also, rather than just getting the questions answered by just, say, Fox, they might be answered by several or all of the major studios. Maybe even by people at the MPAA as well? Maybe submit them to the Consumer Electronics Association or to some of the major manufacturers, too?

    Obvious questions, of course, would be along the lines of...

    1. HDMI/HDCP compatibility and down-rez on older displays,
    2. multiple players in a house
    3. internet connection required?
    4. if we sacrifice a number of options we normally expect to have all in the name of anti-piracy, can we at least get some benefits like skipable introductions, no user-op lock-outs, et cetera?

    There's a lot of rampant speculation going on here; how about an attempt to get some real information out into the discussion? It would also give us a chance to perhaps believe that our messages and opinions might actually get back to people who might be deciding what they think we want or can live with.

    Leo Kerr
  2. Parker Clack

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    I think it would be a good idea if they would want to get into a live chat environment but I am not sure if they would be able to "officially" join a chat.

    If anyone knows anyone at any of the studios that would like to join in a chat they are more than welcome to email either Ron or myself and we can set something up.

  3. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein
    This is a great idea, Leo -- it really is.

    The problem we have is that outside of Warner
    Brothers, the studios generally don't want to
    get involved in these chats.

    It's a whole new world out there as far as contacts
    we had at the studios. Some execs who stuck their necks
    out for us have moved on to other positions. Others,
    who were VERY friendly to us when times called for it,
    no longer return our emails or phone calls. It's
    exactly what you expect "Hollywood" to be.

    I know at this point, one major studio is even
    refusing to discuss their HD plans with the general

    If you personally know anyone who would be in
    a position to discuss these new formats with our
    membership, we would jump at the chance to have
    that individual as our guest.

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