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ATI AIW will NOT capture video or even turn on! Tech support line is always busy! Hel (1 Viewer)


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Dec 3, 2000
I have an ATI All In Wonder Card and so far, it's a wonder I have not smashed it with a hammer. I am unable to launch the TV functions or capture video. All I get is this: "The TV player failed to initialize the video."
Well, that tells me a lot! I have uninstalled & installed the programs a number of times and even did a damned fresh format/install (won't do that again) and it all did NOTHING for me.
ATI's tech support is always busy and closes at 7 PM (so much for 24 hour service). What do Ido now? I need this card working by Saturday. I have an AMD 1.2 on an Iwill KA266 non-raid, Western Digital 40g, 128mb DDR, Toshiba 16x, Plextor 16x.
Any ideas? I need help and fast. Thanks.
I have seen people use this card with NO problems. In looking under the settings in Control Panel ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER, I see "UNSUPPORTED" listed for the TV Tuner/Capture. That makes no sense.
How the heck do I get the driver installed? I have installed the full set of drivers and apps multiple times with no luck (yes I uninstalled them each time after).
My system: AMD 1.2 ghz Thunderbird 266fsb, Iwill KA266 motherboard w/on-board sound, 256mb DDR RAM from Crucial, ATI All In Wonder (latest drivers), Western Digital 40gig 7200rpm, Toshiba 16X DVD, Plextor 16X CD-R, Iomega Internal 250mb ZIP, Enlight Corp. mid-tower.
Windows 98SE (fresh install)

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