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ATI 1506 and Lex MC-1 (1 Viewer)


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Nov 15, 1999
I was looking at the ATI 1506 amp and was wondering how the trigger works for remote turn on.

I have one source that says that I only need a 12 volt trigger supplying a minimum of 200 milli amps. However a different source says that it is done through a RJ 45 jack of DB25 connector using 50 amps (Optional remote power feature 50 amp relay 32 volt DC is applied to RJ45 jack or DB25 connector??)

I thought that just two thin wires would be connected form the Lex to the amp and that was it!

My lex does have a 12 volt trigger with a 500 milliamp trigger.


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Aug 1, 1999
The AT1506 and AT1504 do not have the 12V trigger by default -- its an optional feature. On the AT1505 and AT2505 on the other hand, its a standard feature.
I have a AT1505 with the trigger and a AT1504 without one. I was given to understand by ATI that they could fit a trigger on my AT1504 identical to the one on the AT1505 (but I chose to build an external relay myself), and so I presume that the same is true with the AT1506.
The trigger on the AT1505 requires under 100mA at 12VDC. I use a regular Radio Shack 120VAC->12VDC adapter and it works fine. I suspect that the same would be true for your AT1506. I do not know where the 32VDC 50A number came from since that would imply 1600W of power ... which is probably the max draw of the unit! (in bridged mode, the AT1506 puts out a max of 3x450=1350W of power)
If you have ANY questions whatsoever, you should send the folks at ATI an email ... they WILL get back to you within a day or so. I say this from experience -- they are very very good at providing support.

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