At last I can enjoy sacd and dvd-a the way it's meant to be.

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Luis M, May 3, 2004.

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    I bought my Denon 2900 dvd player some months ago and I had not been able to fully enjoy dvd and sacd audio because of the not so great bass management of the Denon. I just found out that the Marantz 8200 gives me the ability to calibrate the 7.1 input section from -10 to +10 which gives me the 20db boost that I needed to properly calibrate the bass section which I could never get right before. The difference is incredible, now my SVS is getting all the low information that it needs and it's rocking, not to mention that my center channel was impossible to calibrate. Now the dvd output is set to 0db for all channels and the calibration proccess is handled by the receiver, Much better.
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    Nice huh? I have this on the 8300 as well. I actually haven't checked the settings for 7ch input with my 222ES, because it sounds pretty good already, but now that I have new surrounds, I will recalibrate for everything. I do use the +10dB bass correction "on" on the 2200, though I only use it for DVD-A in stereo.

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