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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Ryan Libby, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Ryan Libby

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    I have been using Avia on a 57hx93 and these are the numbers I came out with, it still doesn't look that great and am wondering if anyone maybe could help me out:

    Contrast: 46
    Brightness: 59
    Color: 65
    Tint: -12
    Sharpness: 54

    I thought the sharpness wouldn't be so high.

    Also, I've turned off svm and dnr but am wondering about asl and fleshtone. I thought I should turn those off too since they probably taint the intended picture.

    I've also manually converged since auto doesn't do the edges well at all.

  2. MatthewW

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    Nov 20, 2001
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    I have a 57HX83, I do believe it is similar to the HX93 except for the built in HDTV tuner and other minor things. However these are the settings I came up with.

    Contrast: 38
    Brightness: 46
    Color: 44
    Tint: -7
    Sharpness: 30

    I set color temperature to warm. All settings SVM, flesh, DNR etc. to OFF. When I set the sharpness I didn't notice much change till I got around your setting so I dropped it back way down to 30. Did you set your color with the blinking color bars? I dont know why it would be that much higher than mines. My picture looks great so far except the convergence is kinda bad still after the 9 pt., I am waiting 100 hours for the set to burn in then I will do the 56 pt. convergence. The super bowl looked great tonight on HiDef. [​IMG]

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