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    Let me apologize in advance if my description of my situation is lacking any important info. If it is, please let me know and I will provide additional info. I am not the most knowledgable when it comes to this stuff! LOL

    We have a Sony Wega - about 3 years old - KDF something or other model (I can find out if necessary) and we are suddenly having sound issues.
    We aren't sure if it's the TV, or if it is a hookup issue, or a peripheral issue and we were hoping someone could give us help, in terms we can understand? (My hubby can probably understand more than I can, LOL)

    We have a Receiver and Surround Speakers, as well as a AT&T UVerse cable box and a PS3 all running with this TV.

    We have always had the same number of peripherals running with this TV, and we've had the PS3 since Nov. 06. Never a problem until recently.

    The TV only has ONE HDMI port in the back (older TV, guess they thought folks couldn't possibly need more at that time). My husband bought a Joytech HDMI splitter with a nifty remote to switch between them about 8 months ago.

    Sound goes from the PS3 to the TV and out of the external speakers without a problem. We can watch movies, play games, etc. with sound with NO problems. We watch in HD to naturally use the PS3 and it's Blu-Ray definition as intended (who would want to watch it in standard?)

    However, when we attempt to switch over and watch our regular TV we get no sound. Picture is great, sound ZERO.

    This is the case with or without the splitter in use. Even when rehooking it up to have a direct HDMI feed, without the splitter, we STILL get no sound when watching regular cable TV.

    So in a nutshell, this works:
    PS3 --> TV --> Audio Out through Speakers

    This does NOT work:
    Cable Box --> TV --> Audio Out through Speakers

    Any advice? We called Sony service since we have a 5 year warranty, but we are worried the guy is going to come out and say it's something dumb WE did. We've tried every hookup possible though, and we've tried the audio settings on the TV menu etc.
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    I'm not sure how your devices (PS3 and cable box) are connected to your receiver? Usually people connect their HDMI devices like so:
    Devices---[HDMI cables]--->Receiver---[HDMI cable]--->Television
    ^That's of course assuming your receiver is modern and has HDMI in/outputs.
    Can you post the model numbers of your television and receiver please?
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    If you've had no problems with this set-up till now, then, possibly a setting has defaulted or been tripped. Does your cable box have a menu for sound/audio through HDMI adjustments? If so, is it set to pass sound from the cable box out to the tv through HDMI? Sometimes you have to tell it to do this with HDMI. This may very well be something on the cable box end.
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    yes, depending on the box and cable company, I agree.

    Scientific Atlanta (at least in comcast areas) have an Audio Out, in the setup menu, if your using HDMI, you need to select HDMI not Dolby Digital or Other.

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