Aspect Ratio for Life as a House

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  1. Jon_Liu

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    Anyone else watch this movie and think that the aspect ratio that they chose for this movie was a bit odd? 2.10:1 or something of that sort. Not that it detracts from this movie, but I just thought that I'd point it out. Otherwise, I thought this was a great movie.
  2. Jeremy Allin

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    Oct 6, 2001
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    There was some talk of this when Life as a House came out.
    I believe there was a thread here at the HTF when it came out (search function seems to be down at the moment, though).
    Check out DVDFile's review They discuss this in the video portion of the review.
  3. cafink

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    Carl Fink
    "Life as a House" was presented in theaters at about 2.35:1, but the DVD is about 2:1. I believe the DVD is cropped from the original theatrical version (as opposed to opened up like "Austin Powers"), but this was done at the behest of the filmmakers.

    Though I have no hard facts to back this up, I'm fairly confident that "Life as a House" was originally filmed with the 2:1 framing in mind. Having seen the DVD, there is no noticable cropping or awkward framing.

    This is unlike "Apocalypse Now," another DVD which is cropped to 2:1 from 2.35:1. In the case of "Apocalpse Now," the cropping was done as an afterthought, and the poor framing of the DVD makes it obvious that it was never intended to be seen that way.
  4. Adam Lenhardt

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    This makes me very nervous for the eventual DVD release of Jersey Girl, assuming it turns out as good as I'm hearing it will be, since Zsigmond is the cinematographer on that as well.

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