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    Jul 25, 2000
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    I get this error:

    MSWC.NextLink.1 error '80004005'
    The index specified is out of range
    contentlinker.asp, line 15

    It's this line:
    MyEndPage = objNL.GetNthURL("S4MusicAnalysis.txt", myIndexCount)
    It works fine on localhost, but on the remote host, I get the error. If I rem out the line in question, the rest works on the remote server
    Any ideas?
    Here's the complete code:
    Set objNL = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.NextLink")
    MyPagePrev = objNL.GetPreviousURL("S4MusicAnalysis.txt")
    MyDescriptPrev = objNL.GetPreviousDescription("S4MusicAnalysis.txt")
    MyPageNext = objNL.GetNextURL("S4MusicAnalysis.txt")
    MyDescriptNext = objNL.GetNextURL("S4MusicAnalysis.txt")
    MyListIndex = objNL.GetListIndex("S4MusicAnalysis.txt")
    MyListCount = objNL.GetListCount("S4MusicAnalysis.txt")
    MyFirstPage = objNL.GetNthURL("S4MusicAnalysis.txt", 1)
    MyEndPage = objNL.GetNthURL("S4MusicAnalysis.txt", myIndexCount)
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    Have you tested to see what value is in myIndexCount at that point? Where does its value come from (I don't see it)?

    It just looks like that variable has a value associated that is not kosher- yet I can't see where the value is coming from.

    Of course, I'm just a dabbler- I'm not sure what you code even does- just taking it on the baby-step level.


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