Ashly FET-2000 amp - suitable for HE15?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Vince Bray, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. Vince Bray

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    Oct 4, 2000
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    Vince Maskeeper if you're out there...
    I have read your praise of the Ashly FTX-2001 and wondered if you thought as well of the FET-2000. The biggest difference I can see is the damping factor is about 100 vs. 300 for the FTX. Any comments on the suitablity of the FET for driving an HE15?
    Also, you referred to pro audio classifieds. Do you have any links to web pages for such, or maybe a phone number to order the paper?
    Thanks for the help,
    Vince Bray
  2. Bob Sorel

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    Dec 30, 1999
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    Hi Vince,
    I used an Ashly FET 2000M for my HE 15 sub before I got the Crown K2, and it did an incredible job. The Ashly is a very stable, quiet amp, and is a great choice for the HE 15, delivering 500 watts per coil in stereo mode, or if you are using a dual HE 15, you can run the coils of each driver in parallel and send 675 watts to each driver. Either way, you will have plenty of juice to power your sub.

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