Arx Fatalis coming to the Xbox. RPG fans rejoice.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Romier S, Mar 31, 2003.

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    Another PC RPG has been announced for the Xbox. Arx Fatalis which shares its first person view point in common with Morrowind (and thats the only thing it shares) is now Xbox bound.

    I've played and beaten the game on the PC and thought it was a very high quality RPG with stunning graphics, a great quest and good story. The game is much more linear and far more confined than Morrowind (In the story human beings now live underground so you will be fighting and exploring ALOT Of dungeons and cavern type area). Also the magic system is very unique in that you have to literally draw rune symbols with the mouse on the PC version to set a spell to memory. (eager to see how that translates onto an Xbox controller).
    You can read more about the game here along with the Xbox announcement:

    Arx Fatalis announced

    Full review and screens here:

    Arx review and screens
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    Since when do you need gamespot complete to read their old reviews??? [​IMG]

    Looks interesting; I loved ultima underworld back in the day and morrowind was enjoyable (except for those load times!). Both the avault and reviews complained about the interface, maybe we'll see it addressed in the conversion.

    While we're on the subject, has anyone heard anything more about the Baldur's Gate: DA sequel? Hopefully with Bioware, and not that other 3rd party at the helm we'll get more of an RPG experience this time around.

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