Artistic Integrity vs. Integrity of Plot

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Anthony_J, Oct 17, 2001.

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    I was watching the "Akira Production Report" on the Akira SE last night and thought of something.
    They have a segment in there that talked about the work required to set up each scene. In one interview, an artist said that all scenes were meticulously painted by hand. Even buildings situated way in the background were done in detail (e.g., every window painted), although they'd only be on screen for a couple of seconds.
    I thought it'd be a shame to make a full screen version of the movie and crop this labor of love out of existence.
    Which brings me to my point. I don't think J6P realizes the whole concept of "Artistic Integrity" because to him, it's just a movie. They can follow the plot line and get the jist of the movie with P&S, so why widescreen?
    Even if we were to show them OAR vs. P&S comparisons, I don't think they'd get it, because the only thing being cut out would be vacant space that's not crucial to the story. They'd never understand that every scene is painstakingly composed and shot to get "just right", to establish a subtle atmosphere or give visual cues, something that "Akira" really drove home for me.
    By cropping that movie, you'd be making a mockery out of the long hours that each artist spent working on the film.
    I realize that this is a pipe dream, but to make this point clear to J6P, I think it'd be really great if someone would do a full screen version of a movie that only gets cropped and not P&S'd. Or any scene that has to be P&S'd is removed (e.g., conversations between characters at opposite ends of a room). Sure J6P can get his full screen, but he'll miss about 50% of the "meaningful" picture and story, too.
    This, to all of us on the forum, is what P&S does to any film, even when only the "vacant" space is removed.
    Anyway, that's it, no hard solutions here. Just thought I'd give you my personal epiphany that OAR on DVD is definitely in trouble. While I'm at it, can we call them "Joe 30 Packs" instead? Only the cheap beer comes in 30 packs, which seems much more appropriate.
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    Well spoken Anthony, you have a very valid point there!
    It's all about artistic integrity, and I believe that presenting a movie in any AR other than the OAR is showing total lack of respect to the director and the rest of the crew!
    ~ Stud. Polyt. ~ Artur Meinild ~

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