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ART 351 and SVS

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Matt Stryker, Oct 28, 2001.

  1. Matt Stryker

    Matt Stryker Screenwriter

    Oct 12, 2000
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    After reading a couple of reviews on SVSubwoofers and around here, I looked around and finally picked up an ART 351 equalizer on Ebay for about $85. The room that I have my HT in now has introduced some nasty peaks into my 20-39CS setup.
    Are there some good default settings to work with before I start tweaking my peaks? Especially the high/low pass filters. Any tips would be helpful.
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  2. Tom Vodhanel

    Tom Vodhanel Cinematographer

    Sep 4, 1998
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    1)dont worry about the LP filter...it wont affect the range of the input signal into the EQ(assuming you're patching the subwoofer preout of a receiver into the EQ
    2)set the HP to an *eyeballed* 20hz to start.
    3)set the gain to the level that seems to keep the volume of the subwoofer the same when you hit bypass(usually about 75%).
    4)set the 6/12dB switch to 12.
    5)if you already know wehre the peaks are...try moving the slider(s) nearest that freq down a little at a time as your recheck the response.
    that should get you started.

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